Wednesday, April 8, 2009

UTEE Color Experimentation!

O.k. I was going to share some examples of things I've made using the cookie cutter UTEE pieces but I've been getting lots of questions about using re-inkers to coloring UTEE so I decided to experiment today.

Now first I must apologize, I do not own any Stampin Up Re-Inkers. Never really got into SU stuff so I experimented with what I had on hand. I would assume that if you tried to use Dye Re-Inkers you would get approximately the same results but I'm no chemist so I can't say for sure.

Anyway here are the always I'll let you judge for yourself on how you think they did and at the end I'll tell you what I think :)

Distress Re-Inker - Worn Lipstick

Colored UTEE Examples001

Archival Ink Re-Inker - Tangerine

Colored UTEE Examples007

Adirondack Dye Re-Inker - Stream

Colored UTEE Examples005

Nick Bantock Re-Inker - Vermillion Lacquer

Colored UTEE Examples004

Tsukineko Re-Inker - Wisteria

Colored UTEE Examples002

So after I tried the dye type re-inkers I had I thought I'd mess around a bit and try some other stuff I had in my stash...

Glimmer Mist - Key Lime (my fav. GM color btw)

Colored UTEE Examples001

Lumiere Paint - Pearl Blue

Colored UTEE Examples002

Radiant Pearls - Lemon

Colored UTEE Examples006

Amazing the different results depending on the type of ink/paint huh?

My observations - I think the Archival Ink or the Adirondack Dye Ink were the best re-inkers to color evenly and come closest to the original color of ink. I did notice however that the Adirondack Dye Ink left bits of ink that didn't get mixed in enough (the dark colors) and if these areas were on the surface the ink was still wet... You'd need to wipe it off with a cloth or let it dry before you did anything with it.

Nick Bantock ink color totally surprised me. This is a very intense red and it ended up being almost pink/salmon color.

Tsukineko and the Distress Ink re-inkers were interesting...mixed but separated a bit - cool look if it works into your design.

Glimmer Mist was way cool...kept that iridescent shimmer and it gave the UTEE depth which you really can't see in the photo. It had more intense swirls of color in different layers of the UTEE. Really pretty.

Lumiere Paint was clumpy and chunky...finished that way too. Again, if it works into your design it would be great.

The wildest result was the Radiant Pearls! The UTEE and RP's were mixed very well but once heated the RP totally separated from the UTEE leaving free floating chunks. It looked pretty awesome and was a highly unexpected result!

So there you go ~ hope this helps you all a bit.

Tomorrow I'll have examples of cookie cutter UTEE and then on Friday I have one more technique I want to share before moving onto something new.

Have a wonderful day and remember to enter the two open can't win if you don't enter :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. Too funny - Key Lime Glimmer Mist is my fav, too. I kid you not! (and how weird is it that we both have the same color when Tattered Angels has like over 8,ooo colors total? Serioulsy - they have A LOT. And new ones come out all of the time.) Do you have Turquoise Blue GM by chance? You simply must try those two together. Heaven. They are my fav combination of all time.

    OK - back to the UTEE. Thanks for doing the experiments - you just saved me an evening. At least! Very surprised at the Bantock inks, too. Like you, I think they are the most vibrant, stunning dye inks on the market. Distress Inks are my everyday inks - I literally use them on every single thing I make, but I use the Nick Bantock inks on anything I want to really pop. Bright, vibrant and oh-so-vivid.

    Can't wait to see the UTEE cookie cutter results. (Another thing I have but haven't experimented with. I got some amazing old cookie cutters in heart shapes at a thrift store once for like fifty cents. Can't beat that!)

    Wow, I am chatty today. Oh... yeah... that's why - I am procrastinating on cleaning my studio. Bletch. If anyone wants to come to the glorious Pacific NW for a vacation - come on down (heck, I'll even buy the plane ticket)! Just remember to pack a mop! *grin*

  2. I goofed - I meant cookie cutter UTEE collage examples, which is what I assumed you mean by showing more results tomorrow. But you knew that, right? As I tell people all of the time - listen to what I mean, not what I SAY. LOL


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