Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Text Color...

I'm sure you've noticed the poll I have up right now. Someone mentioned that it was hard to read the text color on the black background. I never noticed it or had any problem reading it so that's why I posted it.

I'm not going to change the black so I thought I'd try a few different text colors. I want to stick with blue ~ that being said...what shade?!?!? There are thousands of variations I could use so I am going to post some to see if you like/dislike them.

Please let me know which one, all or none you like.

Oh yeah...I'm still going to use other colors from time to time which may or may not be hard to read. I like to switch things up a bit and sometimes I'm just feeling in color as opposed to blue ;) LOL!!!

So here goes...

(From the choices in the text box)

Ink Stains One

Ink Stains Two

Ink Stains Three

Ink Stains Four

Ink Stains Five

Ink Stains Six

Ink Stains Seven

Ink Stains Eight


  1. The color on black doesn't bother me, but I can see how it would be hard for some people to read.
    I like number 6!

  2. I have no trouble reading it and think I love 7 best!

  3. Looks fine to me, I've never had a problem with it

  4. I've never had a problem with the color you have now, but if you have to change it, I like 7 the best. Of the ones you have listed, 5 is sorta hard to see.

  5. Though I have no problem with the colors on the site, I can see where some may have problems due to vision impairments.

    Colors one, seven, and eight work well.

  6. The color you typed your post in or color one are my personal preference. I do have vision problems and it is almost impossible for me to be able to follow the darker blues...with that said, its your blog, your choice!
    Have a happy, healthy day,

  7. No issues from me! the color you typed that post in isn't a listed option but it's my first choice.

  8. Hi Roni,
    I am one of those that have trouble reading the text but because I love visiting your blog it wasn't up to me to complain about it, I would visit no matter what colour you had!!!! Out of the colour choices you have there number 7 is the easiest for me to read.
    Michelle M

  9. I like number 8 the best. I seem to be able to read it better than the others

  10. I like 3 if I had to pick one, but I've never had a problem with it.

  11. No problems seeing your posts-maybe contrast on some monitors view differently. #8 maybe-is that the current color??

  12. Black background is great...the only one that is tuffer for me to read is #5....all the rest are ez...ty for asking! Cher

  13. I'm with Shannon - the color you typed the text in looks best to me. No worries here either!

  14. I like the one your post is written with. That said, everyone has different display settings and sometimes changing them can make text more readable.

    And I read your entries through Google Reader anyway, so they are always black on white for me ;)

  15. I like all the choices, but the 2 darkest shades of blue are kind of hard to read...

  16. I have never had a problem reading your blog but I do find that Number five could be difficult to read. Thanks for asking!


  17. the colour you're using is good enough for someone said some monitors change colours so maybe a lighter blue will do in case the monitor darkens it. the text colours in the poll were rather hard for me to read. #1 and # 8 being the least eye straining.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!