Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recycle II ~ Wallpaper!

I have been thinking ahead about this "recycling" thing for a while now trying to come up with unique and interesting options that most people don't think/talk about ~ I mean everyone is doing the "green" thing this week so I thought I'd go for something a bit "off the wall" today and let you in on a confession of mine....

I LOVE wallpaper!

The colors, textures, variety....it's just amazing and SOOOOOOOO useful!!

O.k. so that means I have to go out and buy some wallpaper?!?!?



If you start asking around I'm sure there is someone you know that has bits of it left over from some home improvement project they had going on. There is an even better source for wallpaper though.....home improvement stores, designers, or wallpaper/blind stores! They have those GI-NORMOUS books full of coordinating wallpaper/border samples. When a company discontinues a line, changes styles or trends those books become useless and are often thrown away!!! (EEK!!!) Don't let that happen, go to any local store that sells wallpaper and put in your request for old books. You'd be surprised how receptive they are to giving them away instead of having to throw them away.

Now here are a few examples of why I love it so....the following are actual photos from one of the sample books I have. Normally they have 3-6 coordinating patterns for you to look at in each section. Sometimes these sections have multiples in a variety of colors - for example this pattern was ava. in blue, red, green and natural.


This section had 5 different wallpaper designs again all in coordinating colors.


And a couple more...



And these samples were from just one book!!!

I have another book that is very thick rich textured wallpaper samples. I love it because it's also got a shimmer finish to the designs. Way cool stuff!

O.k....so what can you do with it???

Well, how about die-cuts, cards, envelopes, gift bags, gift boxes, book marks, magnets, ATC backgrounds, frames, etc. You can stamp it, ink it, paint it, stitch it, punch holes in it, sew it, embellish with stickers, markers, glitter, fibers and ribbons, brads, eyelets and so much more!!! There are just all sorts of fun things you can make with it and here are some examples I came up with this afternoon....





So run don't walk to your nearest retailer that offers wallpaper and put your name on a list for their next obsolete, headed for the dump, ready to recycle sample book. I promise you won't have a lack of fun projects you can use it for.


WE HIT 100,000!!!!!!!!!!!


That means some lucky person will be a winner tonite!!

I'll give you till 10:00pm EST to post at which time I'll draw today's winner.

Just a hint...today's prize might include some wallpaper to play with in addition to some other fun goodies I have in my stash ;)

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!

Remember...you can't win if you don't post!


  1. Congrats on 100,000 hits! w00t!

    I've picked up unused rolls of wallpaper at yard sales. It's also great for covering photo albums and altered books. And that not-so-great-looking bookcase in the corner of the room!

  2. 100,000 hits!! What's your next goal? Love the wallpaper but where can you get the books? I'd really like to try it.

  3. Trine from NorwayApril 21, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    Yes.....it's so ,much wounderful wallpaper....but I think there is one problem with it....it's not acidfree...
    Did anyone know if it is?
    Acidfree or not.....I use it at soooo many other prosject. I love minialbums and altered art....so wallpaper is a "must have in my stash" items..

    Still waiting for 100,000 post......

  4. Hi Roni! CONGRADS! I knew it wouldn't take long to get those hits up! I have used old wallpaper to wrap gifts as well...it is VERY durable! Book covers would be something else I might try. Didn't think to ask for the discontinued books! gez! Ty for that tip! Cher

  5. I've tried to get wallpaper sample books but someone always beats me to them. I'm sure if I get just one it will last me.
    contrats on hitting 100,000.

  6. This brought back a lot of memories of at least ten years ago when my Mom was using wallpaper to make envelopes and cards with it. WOW....what memories as she is gone now. In fact just the other day I was going through some of her things and there was the wallpaper all folded and ready for cards. Can't bear to throw anything out especially with it being connected to her. Congrats on your 100,000 post.

  7. congrats on the 100,000 POSTS!! WOOHOO!! I pick up the wallpaper books and make envelopes from them.. people always want to know where did you buy them LOL!!

  8. Yay on 100,000 hits! Ink Stains ROCKS and RULES! Whoooooo-hoooo!

    And oh-my-gosh, WALLPAPER! Yup, in my stash I am the proud owner of several wallpaper sample books (one is even the all white with different textured designs - so cool!) and a couple of baggies of cut wallpaper pieces. Oh yeah! Wallpaper rocks!

    My fav things to do with wp are: 1) use as the background for an ATC. Such a fun base to start with. And, 2) to paint and ink and glue over a wp base to come up with a really cool, textured b/g for any project. Most of my wp is textured so that gives a great start!

    Love the ideas here this week.

  9. congratulations-that is a whole lot of posting and a whole lot of fans!!!! You done good!!!

  10. Congrats on 100,000--Wow! Love the card with the pear--very creative.

  11. Way to go with your hits!!!

    I really like using pieces of old wallpaper. I even used some in a picture I made in a class I took from Kelly Rae. It made it look so fun.

  12. Congrats on the BIG 100,000 WO HOOOOOOOOOO Love the wallpaper too!

  13. Trine from NorwayApril 21, 2009 at 8:43 PM

    Hi again Roni!

    Still waiting for 100,000???

    I'm sitting here and work with my wallpaper(get inspiration after this post **lol**)...Can you tell me what type of glue is best together with wallpaper..I have often problem with some of the scraƄbooking glue

  14. congrats!!!!
    I too have many wallpaper sample books in my stash!

    Oh Roni, I just want to thank-You so very much for the heads up on the ranger cleaner for transfers. It works so awesome!!!
    Thank-You! Thank-You! Thank-You!!!

  15. I am a wallpaper lover.I have covered all my photo albums so they all match. My house was built in 1912, every room has layers of wallpaper. I recently put in bamboo looking wallpaper. Love your ideas. Congratulations on 100,000 hits.

  16. Congrats on reaching 100,000 Roni!
    I have had one wallpaper sample book for a couple of years but have yet to figure out how to use it. Have some ideas from your post and the other comments.

  17. Did I make it? LOL! Congrats, Roni! :)

  18. Wonderful!
    Blessings, peace, and love to you,

  19. This is a brilliant idea! I'm always picking up paint chips and such, but never thought to ask them about their old books. Thanks.

  20. Oh man, I need to get some wallpaper from the home improvement store ASAP!

  21. I like to collect wallpaper samples to use as a background or to `stamp` with the textured ones.

  22. Congrats on your 100,000 hits! Amazing! I remember when you just started your blog...actually, even before you started your blog! How times does fly like a bird!!! I am still completely amazed that you have managed to post almost every single day.....and even publish a book!

  23. Just wanted to mention that my dd and her hubby just bought their first house and were ripping off this wall border that marched through two of the bedrooms. It was deeply embossed and in a very cool design. I told her NOT to toss it out, but to save it for me. Of course, now I have yet another item in my stash, but it was a great find! I love your wallpaper project samples...lots of ideas!

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