Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Favorite Easter Candy & Ding Ding Ding - #600!!!

Well, this post is double special ~

First, this is my 600th post!!! Wow, never thought I'd still be going or that it would come so quickly or that people would still be hanging out here ~ blows me away!! Ink Stains ~ just a little over 16 months old ~ I'm happy to say is going strong. It's so neat to hear from the new people who are continually finding their way here and even better to read how much you all are enjoying things. I hope I can keep it up and continue to please you for 600 more +!

Oh yeah ~ and Ink Stains is getting close to hitting that 100,000 hits mark as well!!! ROCKIN!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Now, I wanted to tell you about my favorite Easter candy...I know ~ what's that got to do with Ink Stains...nothing really but these gems are too good not to share ;)

Well, my favorite Easter candy is Jelly Beans ~ cinnamon jelly beans to be specific!

jumbo jelly beans!003

Now I know what you're thinking...so what jelly beans ~ even cinnamon isn't that uncommon - big deal. Normally you would be right BUT, these just aren't any jelly beans ~ nope, they're not Jelly Bellies they're even better....

they are....


(I didn't have a regular sized jelly bean so I used a kidney bean ~ I think most people know what size they are)

jumbo jelly beans!004

These puppies are HUGE-A-MONGOUS!!!

jumbo jelly beans!006

We are lucky enough to live within driving distance of the Home of the Jumbo Jelly Bean - Wakarusa Dime Store. (A bit of history) In the late 60's, in an effort to establish a candy for the newly created Maple Syrup Festival, Louie Wolfburg came upon the idea of Jumbo Jelly Beans. Selling 100 lbs. at the 1st festival. The Wakarusa Dime Store today sells over 30 - yes that is thirty -- TONS --!!!!! Way cool huh?

And let me tell you these beans are good!!! Doesn't take may to satisfy any one's sweet tooth - LOL!!

So, that's my favorite Easter candy ;) LOL!!


  1. omg! I love cinammon...do they sell on line or something? LOL>..I know just the person to get these for (besides me) and it would be a hoot! cuz of the size LOLOL...Cher

  2. Holy crap woman!! Those are cinnamon EGGS!!!

  3. My favorite Easter candy is Cadbury's mini eggs yummmmmmmmmmie!
    My sister in law just came back from a trip to the UK and brought back 2 big size backs for me, that should last me up to Easter :-)

  4. Roni, Congrats on your 600th posts! Looking forward to your 1000th post! :)


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