Thursday, April 2, 2009

Molded UTEE Examples

Oh I am so excited...I JUST got a copy of the book!!! This is the first time I've seen how it's going to look like all laid out!! I am SOOOOOOOO looks way cool!! I soooo cannot wait!

Before I get to the examples of what you can do with molded UTEE pieces I wanted to answer a couple of questions.

First the issue of clean up ~ After you have poured out the remaining UTEE onto your craft sheet simply wipe the pan out (while it's still warm) with a paper towel. Since the melt pot has a non-stick surface that's all you should ever need to do!

Storing the extra unused bits of hardened UTEE ~ I normally just keep it all together in a small baggie until the next time I want to melt some.

Colored UTEE ~ Yes, you can use the colored UTEE in the melt pot just like the clear.... Clear was just the closest bottle at hand so that's what I used. You can also mix various colors together for some great looking end results. I'll show you that later.

Beeswax? ~ You can use the Melt Pot for melting beeswax but you should always use a project pan. Beeswax has a way of getting all over everything and I find it's just easier to leave the beeswax in the pan after I'm done ~ that way next time I just slip the beeswax filled pan into the melt pot and go. I'll be sharing more on using beeswax at another time but I just wanted to mention the project pan since someone asked.

Smullis mentioned making molds from polymer clay ~ I have some of those as well but they are very similar to the cookie molds being stiff and possibly difficult to remove detailed items after they have cooled.

On to the molded projects....

This example is has a couple of the same mold just painted with different colors of Perfect Pearls. The mold was made from a tack pin.

Ranger 0108 001

This is one of my favorite molds I have ever made. The leaf is actually from a ceramic wind chime I have out in the back yard. Normally I'm not a big fan of the face things because most of them are on the creepy side but this leaf guy isn't imposing or ominous...he's just there...looking at the world with a thoughtful expression. One thing I really like about this mold is that by changing the color of UTEE and Perfect Pearls I apply to the molded piece it can have MANY different looks.

Ranger 0108 006

I made this rose mold from a piece of vintage was a pretty faux ivory rose pendent from my grandma. Just think of all the color combos you can make from this one mold!!

Ranger 0108 002

Ranger 0108 002

And finally these fish were made using a vintage bathroom night light! You'll notice the little air bubbles are the left over UTEE from making the fish. I just raised the melt pan about 18" above my non-stick craft sheet and let the UTEE drip onto the sheet. It's a great way to make little pearls, water drops, etc.

Ranger 0108 004

Ranger 0108 004

I hope these projects give you a springboard for creating your own molds and UTEE projects!

Tomorrow I have a fun project using all sorts of bits and pieces paired with an ice cube tray :)

Hope you stop back and check it out!


  1. Love what you did, Roni. And you know what impressed me the most? Those dang cute rain drops / UTEE pearls you made. Wow - such a cool idea. LOVE IT!

  2. lol luv these...I want those fish! I just would not think to do that! That's why I come back here everyday! I want to know about beeswax too...can't wait...cher

  3. Seeing as UTEE and I don't seem to get along, I am always so impressed when something you make comes out so amazing! I need to go back and re-read to figure out how the heck you made the molds for these little gems! Love the water THAT I can understand!


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