Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hand Made Paper 101 - Part II

Hand Made Paper 101

Part II

Making a Hand Made Paper Strainer

I know there are loads of cool looking expensive paper strainers out there BUT, since we're talking about recycling I'm going to give you a couple of easy ideas on how to make your own!

Idea #1 -

1. Disassemble a picture frame. Any type of frame will do....wood, metal, plastic, etc. It doesn't matter, just whatever you have on hand. I like to use frames that have been used, damaged, etc. - goes along with the whole recycling thing ;)

Keep in mind the opening size is how large/small your hand made paper is going to be.

Recycling Paper Scraps 008

2. Slip an old nylon Knee-Hi stocking over the entire frame. This is going to be your screen material.

You're done! Told you it was simple ;)

Idea #2 -

1. Disassemble a picture frame just as you did before. For this example you will need to use a wood frame.

2. Carefully cut an old piece of screen material approx. 1" wider than your frame on all sides. (remember the screen is may want to wear gloves.)

3. Bend the screen over 1/2" on all sides tucking in the corners. This will take care of the sharp edges.

Recycling Paper Scraps 009

4. Use thumb tacks and secure the screening (turned edges towards the frame) to the wood frame.

Recycling Paper Scraps 010

and you're done!!

Recycling Paper Scraps 011

Told you they were easy and inexpensive :)

End of Part II


  1. oh boy..getting really excited...I know how to do this part too! YEAH and more free stuff so no shopping! cher

  2. This is brilliant. I got my set at the flea market for 50 cents, but this is a great idea to create forms for different size paper.

  3. Great job Roni! My friend was just talking about making one of these so Im sending her your link.


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