Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giving some new colors a try & Image Transfer ?'s

Well I took every one's comments and suggestions, compiled them and let's see if this is better. I know you can't please everyone so I'm sure it won't be perfect but these were the best I could do with the choices I had.

Hope you like :)

Later this afternoon I'm going to be posting the video using Ranger's Stamp Cleaner for an image transfer. I wanted to answer a few questions I had right now....

How did I come up with using the Stamp Cleaner?

Well, I was just experimenting with LOTS of different solutions...stamping and not. I tried all sorts of kitchen & bathroom cleaners as well as whatever stamp stuff I had here on hand. While some of the other cleaners worked and were more widely available the stamp cleaner made the nicest image, was safe for scrapbooks and was probably available in more areas (of the US & worldwide) than anything else I had tried. So that's why I used it :)

Do other stamp cleaners work?

That I can't answer. I don't clean my stamps as often or as much as I should so I don't have any other cleaner but the one I used. Normally I just clean my stamps if I'm stamping multiples with different color of inks otherwise I just stamp off on scrap paper and call it good enough - LOL!! (shame shame ~ I know ;) lol!!!)

Are there any other type of image transfer techniques?

LOADS...there are many different types of image transfer techniques from the very simple like the stamp cleaner image transfer technique to some that have many steps and take days to dry. I wanted to stick with the easier ones here but do feature a range of techniques in the collage & altered arts book. There are 7 as a matter of fact with step by step directions with many finished examples.

Are the stamp cleaner transfers o.k. for scrapbooks?

Yes, the stamp solution is acid free and non-toxic so as long as you don't use it on paper that contains acid you should be just fine. If by chance you do with some sort of acid laden ephemera you can always treat it with Krylon's "Make It Acid-Free" or Archival Mist. Both will neutralize the acid in the paper and prevent it from further deterioration.

Hope that helps!!

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  1. You're the best Roni! Can't wait for the video. I just started a blogger blog and added you to my follow list!!!


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