Saturday, April 11, 2009

Degrees to Celsius

Sorry about forgetting to add the celsius yesterday!

You need to bake the UTEE at either 340 F or 171 C.

This is the temp that the Melt Pot is set at when you use the UTEE setting.

I'm going to add it to the original post but I wanted to be sure everyone saw it just in case :)

Be sure to check back later for some fun with mixing colors...


  1. Thank you for all your wisdom Roni and sharing on how to use UTEE.
    I'm new to this and for so far i cant find the Melting Pot in the Netherlands, i'm looking at some UK online stores at the moment.
    Untill then i'm going to try the UTEE in my oven, so it's a great help that you mentioned the degress to celsius.

    HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

  2. thank you for the directions on using the oven for the UTEE! now i can do something with my stash of frames!!

  3. You're very welcome!! So glad you're able to join in on the fun!


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