Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crown Charms

Cher was hunting for crowns so I thought I'd share the links I have for a variety of crown charms.

7 Gypsies Crown - metal charm

Several different brass crown charms ~ crowns 1 and crowns 2, crowns 3, crowns 4

Tiny Brass Crown Charm - same place has a larger charm but they are out of stock at the moment.

Tiny Brass Crown - .25 or 2.50dz and Medium Brass Crown - .30 or 3.00dz (great place for qty's)

Several crown charms in lots of styles, metals & sizes

3 different sizes of crown charms

Copper Crowns - mmmm yum!


  1. omgarsh! ask n u shall receive! TYSVVVVM! I feel like u showed me the gold mine on this lol...what a doll u are! TY TY TY CHER

  2. Hey Cher. I have some crown charms and maybe even some Dresden foil ones. I would be happy to send you some to play around with if you like. Just let me know, k?

    One thought I had on the charms - you know the metal ones with the little loop on top for stringing onto a chain or ribbon? When I do bottle caps or UTEE collage or anything that doesn't require it to hang, I like to clip the metal loops off the charms. It's super easy to do - I use a jewelry nippers or even better an old, rusty scissors. You know, the all metal scissors they made way back when? Those babies snip metal bits off like... well, like a charm! LOL *blush* Just wanted to offer that as an idea.


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