Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Acrylic Image Transfer Technique Finished Examples

I'm so glad you all liked the Acrylic Image Transfer technique :) I've had loads of questions about it so I thought I'd answer them first....

Thanks everyone for the awesome comments...and Angela ~ thanks so much sweetie...I'm so glad you enjoy Ink Stains!!

Lynda ~ I've posted some other easy image transfer techniques (here) and there are more in the book coming out in July (all step by step just like on the blog).

Cher ~ you weren't dreaming...asked ds to take it to the post office but found it in his truck on Tuesday ~ it will be in the mail tomorrow ;)

Elizabeth & Tammy ~ yes!! You can print your own images...this works with just about any type of image you want to use :)

Scrap Addicts ~ LOL @ the accident prone ;) Too funny...Yes, I always have been but I suppose in this case it's a good thing!

Alison ~ I'd love to see your results ~ please do post!!

Cindy ~ maybe he does sand the edges...that could be what I'm doing wrong because I don't. I'll have to try it and see if they look any better ;) Thanks!

XXSimplethingXX ~ Actually I've got some GA and images drying right now so hopefully tomorrow I can tell you other things this technique will work on. I'm pretty sure (hoping) that it can be used with other non-porous surfaces. I'll let you know tomorrow how I came out :)

Maledilla ~ No, I'm pretty sure this won't work on canvas. I do know the Water-based Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer Technique that I posted a couple of weeks ago works great on canvas. T-Shirt Transfer Material works super and there is another transfer medium designed for "soft" transfers (transfers onto canvas/fabric) but I don't recall the name right now. I will find it and let you know.

Vintage Babes ~ Thanks Bea! It's wonderful to have you here!! I'm glad you like this technique. I posted several other image transfer techniques a couple of weeks ago that you might like as can find them here ~ Image Transfer Techniques. I also have a book coming out in July that has several more transfer techniques ~ all step by step just like on the blog :)

Barbara SP ~ uncoated paper works best (cardstock or copy paper). Glossy papers don't work very well with image transfers for some reason so I wouldn't suggest using those. This works with ink jet as well as other types of transfers :)

On to the examples!!!

Travel the World....

Acrylic Transfer Examples003

Acrylic Transfer Examples003


Acrylic Transfer Examples005

Acrylic Transfer Examples005

The Girls...

Acrylic Transfer Examples006

Acrylic Transfer Examples006

Now I mentioned before I'm trying this technique on some other materials to see if it works. I'll let you know how it comes out tomorrow...maybe this will be another easy transfer method for multiple surfaces!!

Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. lol u crack me up! ty for the reply to me an all! As you can see we all just love your skills and escpecially your knowledge! I signed up for a charm swap and now I have a few more ideas ..all thanks to you! Cher

  2. Your charms are stunning. Absolutely, positively breath-taking. Me WANT!!

    (off to go make some for myself. yay!! If I set them up tonight, I can rub off the backs tomorrow.)

  3. they are absolutely beautiful, I especially like the ladies. You have a wonderful blog. I visit almost daily. thanks for all your inspiring ideas.

  4. OMG! These charm are some beautiful!!! I hope I can come up with something like these!!!

  5. These are just beautiful!!! Love them!


    Happy crafting!!


  7. Way cool, I just love visiting your site every day!!

  8. This makes me want to go find a picture of my DD and her family. I think it will make a great charm.
    See you tomorrow.

  9. Wooooowwww....Only one word to say:

    I have been to my favorite-store for a scraqp-meeting with my friends in this evening. I show them your technique and they LOVE it. The store sell out all their glossy-accents and fragments this evening..."lol"
    I couldn't stop when I came home so now are elleven charms waiting to tryed.... The clock are 04.30 at night so it's time for bed....but guess what I will do first when I wake up..??


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