Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Whew!!!  Did you notice I've been MIA?  Well our crappy Frontier internet went on the fritz at the beginning of August. Which was also the same time as a major family crisis was taking place so I didn't notice it until my post on August 7th - which as it turned out was the last time I was able to upload a photo!!!  I tried and tried to get things uploaded and posted but we were getting speeds of 1.67 download/.10 upload on August 12th to .31 download/.0 upload since about the 17th.  

Talking to anyone at Frontier is about impossible - your call gets answered by someone in India who is reading from a script and that's only after a 30-75 minute hold!! I saw a technician at a house in our neighborhood and I stalked him until he came out of the house...  He told me that he likes to tell people that, "This ain't your daddy's Oldsmobile!" I was dumbfounded that he had the balls to say something like that.  My dh said I should have asked him then why are we paying for a Cadillac?

Needless to say we switched to Mediacom cable internet (the only other game in town) and things are just whizzing along now. We've never had internet this fast before and it's wonderful!!  Full size photos load in seconds. It's amazing and I'm so excited about it.

I have lots of catching up to do...lots of projects to share with you as well as some other just for fun pics I've been taking in my spare time (that I haven't been on the net). 

Hope you all are doing well and have had a lovely August.

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  1. I feel for you Roni. I had Frontier for about 6 years (why did I ever have it so long). Always poor service and even worse customer service. Then a couple months ago, I switched and haven't been happier. Glad you are finally getting the internet service you deserve.


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