Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Good Bye Etsy....

Well, this final price increase does it...I won't be able to continue to sell on Etsy anymore.  I started my shop in 2009 at the urging of several friends by selling vintage ephemera, art supplies and assorted vintage goodies I've found in my travels. 

Eiffel Tower Pen Nibs - 3 ChoicesAntique Warren's Combination Penny Quill Pen - Late 1800's8 Assorted Vintage Pen Nibs -  II

I chose to focus on vintage ephemera because I love use it in my own art and I thought it would be fun to share that love with others at a reasonable price so everyone could enjoy it.  Many of my items sell for just a couple dollars and in smaller quantities so you could pick and choose the goodies you wanted to incorporate into your own art.

Vintage Bingo - Lotto Cards - Bakers Dozen35 Vintage Language Flashcards - German, English, Latin, French, Japanese Spanish -n- RussianVintage Cook Book Pages - Bakers Dozen for Mixed Media, Collage n Altered Arts

Since I started selling there have been numerous increases to postage prices, changes in how fees were accessed, increases in fees, the mandate from Etsy making it a requirement to use their check-out system (and all of the fees associated with it) and finally the increase from 3.5% to 5% of your sales INCLUDING the shipping price.  That final bit about charging you for the shipping price is just asinine - with the exception of a few sellers who charge exorbitant shipping fees nobody makes any money on the shipping so why charge us for it?  It's ridiculous.

5 Assorted Vintage Watchmaker Parts Glass Vials - Steampunk - Jewelry - Mixed Media - Altered Arts12 Assorted Calendar Pages 70's - 201120 Vintage Unused NOS Puzzle Bottle Caps

Obviously they don't care about the small shops that were their backbone for so long.  Once their stock went public it was all about the almighty dollar and lining the investors pockets.  I have read that since the price increase announcement their stock has risen substantially.  Good for them but I think that may be a short lived bump...this increase has angered many of the small sellers and even some of the larger ones. 

Half a Dozen Vintage Map Pages n Pieces & BONUSVintage Sheet Music Bakers Dozen for Mixed Media, Collage n Altered Arts

If you're interested in anything I have listed on my etsy shop, I will keep the shop open until mid July...after that I'm closing it.  I do however have huge amounts of vintage ephemera so if you're in need of something after that, please let me know...I'd be happy to help you out at a great price.

Antique Trial Lens - Collage, Charms, Mixed Media, Steampunk, Pendant, Jewelry and more100 pieces of Mixed Media Paper Ephemera for Collage, Altered Arts & Mixed Media Projects1 Dozen Assorted Steampunk Gears - Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze


  1. I was never on Etsy, but was considering it. Now I know I won't be going there if I ever decide to sell my art or ephemera. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. you may enjoy looking at this article that discusses some alternatives to Etsy:


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