Wednesday, February 28, 2018

ICWM - Fail....

Well, I failed my challenge for the International Correspondence Writing Month... 

I had planned on writing a card to someone each day of the month and I started off great but then things feel apart.  I thought I had a cold at the beginning of the month but then we went off to a trade show right after Valentine's Day.  I didn't feel great while we were gone but we had this trip planned for months and I didn't want to disappoint. I had all my cards done and sent for the time we were going to be gone ahead of time so I made it up through the 20th. 

When we got home dh decided that I must have the flu because it was still going strong (and he heard a program about it on talk radio).  I got worse after we got back home and haven't done a thing since returning (well, other than housework and laundry) so I missed out on sending the last 8 cards out :( I am starting to feel better but I feel like I've lost the entire month of February. 

I hate it when I challenge myself and I don't complete it. It sucks!

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon...I have some fun new goodies I want to share with you but I have to play with them first!  Just have to get the crafting urge instead of the napping urge.

I did get some pretty photos while we were at the show...  We went to PA...

The sky was so pretty over the mountains.

This is the kids (youngest son & his wife) set-up at the show...
they are mfg. vintage garden tractor seats!

After the show we were going to go a different route and head north instead of going to toll road. 
 It went from this....

to this in a matter of about 20 minutes.  It was wicked so we had to stop in Harrisburg for the night.  Most of it melted the next day but it did make for an interesting evening.  We got the last room at the Marriott hotel - Whew!  Would have been scary if we would have had to drive on.


  1. Oh gosh Roni, I am so sorry you didn't complete your goal, and that you have not been well. Hugs!

  2. Hi Roni, sorry you didn't get all the letters sent in February. I got mine and I loved it. You could send the last eight anyway........ Hope you feel better soon. Wild weather. Take care, keep warm, be well. Hugz

  3. Instead of focusing on the fact you didn't complete your goal, concentrate on the 20 cards you DID send, that brightened 20 people's lives. I was blessed to be one of them! Hugs and positive vibes coming your way.


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