Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Need More Thyme....

Yes, I need more time...thyme...

It seems like all I have time for recently are a few stamped cards here and there. Our business has picked up so much in the last few months I have been working every day where in the past I had worked a couple days a week which gave me the rest of the time to create.  I never actually realized how much time I devoted to Ink Stains until I wasn't able to do so. Not that I'm complaining about the work, it's wonderful that our products are so highly regarded that we have increased our volume about 4x what it was just a year ago.  We are very blessed.  

I just feel like I'm letting you, my inky friends down.  I've had several people unsubscribe over the last few weeks - of course I don't know why.  There isn't any exit question I can ask so I'm just guessing.  I'm sure (in my mind) that it's in part due to the fact I've posted mostly just stamped cards in that time frame along with a few Design Team projects for various places. Experimenting with techniques, trial and error on projects, playing with various mediums, coming up with ideas even takes up so much time not to mention photographing, writing them up and sharing them.  It's overwhelming and sometimes I just can't get past that feeling to begin.

I am finally getting used to the hours so hopefully soon I'll to be able to get back to experimenting and sharing again.  Until then I want to thank those of you who've stuck with me...I appreciate it and hope to reach a semblance of "normal" soon!

The above card was made using Club Scraps - Garden Shed kit paired with Memento Inks and a few colored pencils.


  1. Yeah, for your business. That is marvelous. We all have to have the $$$'s to do crafting. It's not up to you to entertain us every day. Change to a weekly post or monthly post. We all have busy lives. I love your inspiration,talent, tips and tricks. But never have time to appreciate daily. People are flicked. We come and go. I for 1 will alway be checking in to c what is up. Plus I always love those swaps.

  2. Don't beat yourself up because you can't post as often or do elaborate designs all the time. I've never had a blog and don't intend to start one - because I don't want to feel the pressure of having to produce.
    I have a FB page where I post pictures of the cards that I teach in my monthly stampin' classes and even those don't get posted as soon as they should. (August's are still in the camera and classes are tonight and tomorrow). Do what you can - your life and business come first. take care. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  3. Don't be silly! Just post when you can. Real life takes priority over crafting! I'm glad your business is thriving! By the way, what is your business? I'm curious! As for losing followers, it's a Blogger thing. My friends have said the same thing and I've lost one or two myself so it's nothing personal. I enjoy seeing what you do - I don't always comment but I still take a peek now and then! Like Mary said above, don't sweat the small stuff!

  4. Also, many people may follow you through Club Scrap on Facebook or on the Club Scrap web site. Bee007l

  5. I enjoy whatever you have the time and heart to make!


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