Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brusho Colour Crystal Color Tags

As promised I wanted to share more about Brusho Colour Crystals with you all and I thought I'd start off by showing you the colors and comparing how they each look on cardstock vs. watercolor paper.  

First I'd like to introduce you to what Brusho powders look like...  They come in these handy little plastic bottles which hold 15g of powder.  

To use you just poke a single hole in the top of the cap.  I go right through the little center indentation where the caps are molded.

Below you will find each color of the Brusho Colour Crystals.  I have presented them on two different types of paper - the examples on the left were made using Neenah 80lb cardstock, the examples on the right were made using Fabrino 140lb watercolor paper.  

To create each sample I spritzed the papers with water then sprinkled 3-4 shakes of each powder and let them dry naturally.  You will notice that the crystals move differently on each of the papers usually with very different results.  I am assuming this is because of how the papers react to the water.  Both looks are very pretty and unique in their own ways.

These colors are in alpha order in each color group...

more red than orange which is why it is in this color family.

more orange IRL than shown in the photo.

White is on plain black cardstock.

There are many many techniques on how to incorporate these powders into your art.  I will share a variety of techniques in the coming days and weeks.  If you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to e-mail me or post a ? in the comments section.


  1. This is a wonderful resource and comparison for all of us- thanks so much for doing this. I am going to share with some stampers who were wondering which colors of Brushos to get next.

  2. I don't think these are any different then the Color Burst powders that Ken Oliver has come out with. I bought all 6 colors from the convention in April... Adventures In Stamping (2015) And the videos that are on YouTube by Ken Oliver does the same thing as these powders. I also saw them demoed at the convention, and loved them, hence why I bought all 6 colors. I only paid $4.95 for each bottle. The colors of these powders look the same as the Color Burst.

  3. I love what you did, thanks so much for sharing. I don't have these yet, have Bister and CB, but thinking hard on getting a set. Looking forward to more trials.........

  4. Thanks for taking the time for sharing this info!
    I love all 32 colors of Brusho,they are quite different from the newer ColorBursts. The 6 Colorbursts are more like 'true' colors where as the Brushos (that have been around for decades in Britain)have many other color graduations that appear when spritzed. You get more then twice as much Brusho product for the same price as Color Bursts. I have and like both products.

  5. Thank you for sharing. You have helped me decide what colors to start with. I happened to find the colors I was gravitating towards in a bundle along with thickener on Amazon. Of course I read that the thickener could be used for impasto techniques so I had to find out what that is. With the thickener you can make your own glazes also. I'm thinking I could mix the color crystals in water and use them in my air brush. Can't wait to see what else you do with them and to experiment once I get some of my own. By the way how did you know that I just paid off the credit card I use for crafting goodies yesterday? Thanks for enabling me and helping me to jump off the fence. I have to say that you have introduced me to new things even if like brusho they have been around for years.

  6. Roni, I also want to thank you for taking the time to create these samples for us. I can only imagine the time that you invested in this project! I find it so fascinating the way the crystals reacted on the two different paper samples. Thank you for being our professional shopper and demonstrator!

  7. Wow! Had no idea there were that made colors! Thanks for the examples Roni!!

  8. Just found your webpage and am happy to see the info and looking forward to more. Thanks so much

  9. Just followed a link over from Karen Dunbrook...this is a MARVELOUS resource!! I've got the set of 12 Brusho's and love, love, love them...such fun. But was wondering what other colors I I know, thanks to you! Also fascinating to see, side by side, how they react so differently to the 2 kinds of paper. THANK YOU!!!

  10. Very nice representation of the Brusho colors. I have just learned about them and am intrigued. I will try a few colors as my budget allows. Your post has been most helpful. Thank you!

  11. Just starting with Brushco, but have a question.....does one use "hot"or "cold" 140 LB paper? I use Arches, but is their a better result with other brands or with smooth or granulated paper? Thanks. I saved your site and will definitely check in. Thanks!

    1. I prefer cold press - it has a slight texture where hot press is very smooth. Either will work so it's totally up to your personal preference.

      In July of 2014 I did a comparison of many different watercolor papers, you can see the first post here There are several additional posts after this one that you might find interesting.


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