Thursday, September 4, 2014

PanPastels on Black Cardstock - Take 2

If you visited yesterday you'll recall I shared this card....

It is the pastel colored PanPastels on black cardstock.  I wanted to share a bit more about how I got the look because I thought I had really screwed it up.  So here's what I did...I applied the rainbow effect of pastels across the black cardstock.

Just for comparison - white cs & black - pastels applied in the same fashion.

Next, I stamped the image using VersaMark ink.

Then I applied the second coat of PanPastels...and well, the results are less than stellar.  I'm thinkin what the heck did I do wrong - it looks like crap and it's exactly what I did on the white cardstock.  Honestly I was just going to pitch it since it didn't work...

But then I decided to go ahead and try to fix it by wiping off some of the pastels and start over.  I took a dry cloth and gently wiped away quite a bit of the pastels and to my amazement the VersaMark held the PanPastels in place without smearing.  By removing some of the excess pastels it actually made what was left really pop.    After I sprayed it with the fixative (hair spray) the colors became even more vibrant.  Needless to say I was extremely pleased with how just wiping away some of the pastels really made this almost trash background usable again.

To compare the black and white results again...


  1. This is gorgeous, Roni. I was struck by how similar it looks to Judy Watanbe's technique with metallic pigment inks on black cardstock. In person it probably doesn't look so similar because you can see the pan pastels are not metallic, but on the screen here it looks almost identical.

  2. I think I like it better on the black cardstock. Of course it depends on what you are going to use whether you want the more subtle white cardstock or the black more showy.


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