Thursday, May 22, 2014

Steampunk Altered Trading Block Tower

I don't know if you've been following along or not but this month on the Altered Pages Blog we've paired up with Artists on the Block and Eileen Hull to share a wide variety of Altered Trading Blocks.

I wanted to make a Steampunk block and I sort of got carried away...
I ended up with a tower of 3 blocks instead of just one.
Check it out....

And here are each of the blocks....

The top ~ Steampunk Machines - Enjoy the Ride

The Center block hosts The Inventor and Dreamer along with a few of Frankenstein's Experiments.

This little caged winged clock is hidden between the center and bottom block...

And for the bottom block I took apart a glassine envelope that I inked up with a bit of Staz-On ink the glued onto the block.  It's topped with a bit of guilders paste over the bumps.

And here are the images from the bottom block... The Queen of Steam and The Commander.

I had such fun thinking of fun putting this all together.  
Once I got the idea it was like an obsession to finish it!  
Do you ever get ideas like that?
It's so exciting when your vision comes to life and even more so when it turns out better than you envisioned it.

For a complete list of supplies and links to those supplies please  see 

Hope you enjoy and have a Steamy Day!!


  1. Wow! This is totally awesome! I love it! It looks like it was loads of fun to put together. This is truly a piece of art to treasure for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, this is wonderfully amazing!!

  3. A lot of work, but it must have been fun figuring out what was next! Awesome results!

  4. Great job! This one of those pieces where you see something new with each look.

  5. I did not follow it, did not see anything but..............I do like what I see here!
    Great job

  6. You did a fabulous job on this piece!

  7. This is wonderful. Each block is beautiful, and they all fit together so well. I hope you display this work prominently. It deserves its own pedestal!

  8. I adore Steampunk and your tower of blocks is fabulous. Steampunk done well is amazing and transports me to another time and place. Creative Steampunk Bliss...

  9. Wowowowow, this is amazing. Love your altered tower of blocks.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. what a great steampunk style block tower!
    enjoy the weekend.
    stamping sue

  11. Would love to l live inside the creativity part of your brain for a day, bet I'd be able to come up with some great art. Love your blocks and all the things you found to add to each block A true work of art and so fun to see. I enlarged all the pictures so I could absorb all the wonderful tiny special items. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Fantastic! Just spotted this on Pinterest and wanted to tell you how much I like it.


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