Friday, July 12, 2013

More fun with the Inky Frame Technique

Last night for some reason all night long I was dreaming of different ways to ink the frame for the Inky Frame Technique so I just had to give them a try today....
The first one I thought of and really wanted to try was a make-up sponge or in this case a Blusher Sponge from Tsukineko and some Distress Inks.   I love how vibrant the colors look.. 

The second idea I had was to use a damp sea sponge.  I pounced the sponge right on the ink pad then applied it to the cardstock ~ some areas heavier than others.

I did have an interesting thing happen...
I was in such a frenzy to try it I didn't let the frame dry completely so I did have some ink transfer from the first attempt to this one.  I sort of like the effect...

Then I tried the stipple brush...
Gotta love that brush!

Again I applied more ink in some areas and less in others for a fun effect.

As I was posting this I also had the thought that after you ink the frame you could also stamp over the frame too!  Wouldn't that be a nifty look...

Or you could overlay a stencil and ink it a second time in a darker ink/paint...

Or you could even apply a bit of paint or gesso over the ink layer THEN stamp over that layer.

Gosh, the possibilities are just endless...
I'm thinkin' there is going to be some more fun with frame cards coming up very soon.
There are just too many fun alternatives you could do to really jazz this sucker up!

Do you have any ideas you'd like to try?


  1. Hello Roni
    You are definitely inspiring me, I am loving the effects you are creating.

  2. Your'e coming up with some great ideas. Love the effect.


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