Thursday, January 26, 2017

Farm Girl Glue Book

Art Journals are all the rage at the moment and if you’re like me you would love to make one BUT the journaling part is holding you back. I have honestly tried several times to try and get into the whole art journal thing…I took a class, scoured Pinterest, read blog after blog about how much fun it is but I just can’t get past the words. 

When Amanda challenged us to create a project centering on Planners or Journals I decided to give something new (to me) a try….a Glue Book! It is like an art journal without the stress of journaling. I can create, ink, stamp and get as messy as I want without having to come up with any of the deep, meaningful, soul searching messages found in so many art journals. I can simply glue pictures into a book and enjoy the process of getting inky.

Welcome to my “Farm Life” glue book adventure!


1. The first step to is choosing a book to use as the foundation. I love vintage ephemera so I decided to use this old ledger as my glue book.  I tore out some of the pages to make room for the new “stuff” I was going to be gluing to the pages.

2. I gathered images I wanted to glue into my book, my spatula and Creative Medium.

3. I started off by spritzing on a bit of Summer Sky Fireworks! Spray.

4. Glue pictures down as desired.  This is the fun part…there are no rules, just enjoy yourself.

5. Embellish the page as desired…doodling, stamping, embossing, etc.  It’s all fair game.

This is how my title page turned out.  Yes it’s wrinkle-y but that’s o.k…it doesn’t matter, it’s a glue book!

Finished Eggs Glue Book spread.

Finished Funky Chicken spread.

I'm going to continue to add pages to the glue book through out the year...I will share as I finish them up.  Oh and I'm adding pics of other aspects of farm life rather than just animals.  I found some really cool apron pics I wanted to include as well as "farm decor" type images as well...mostly things I want to make at some point.  I think as I collect more and more pics this might turn into an art journal/inspiration/idea book.  Just because I keep finding more and more things I want to add to it.

That's the beauty of a glue can be whatever you want it to be.  So if you want to get into art journaling but are put off by the journaling part maybe a glue book is for you too!



Other Supplies:
Journal, Washi Tape, Pictures
Artistic Outpost – Birds of a Feather
VivaLasVegas – Collage Stamps


  1. Great idea, Roni and wonderful executed.
    Great pages in your book.

  2. Roni, this is great! Is this sort of the same idea as a smash book? Seem similar but maybe more like a scrapbook with pics.

  3. Collage books are a great idea for art journals! Your pages are wonderful!! And that vintage ledger book is a true score!! I have a collage journal "going" now and when ever the mood strikes I glue down stuff on a page. hehehe Art journals do NOT have to contain any writing like a dairy. I don't keep a diary and I don't use writing as therapy or a way to clear my head. I don't write long naratives in any of my art journal. If I want a bunch of writing I usually write big and loopy, overlapping, and write usually what the page is going to end up looking like. LOL Most of my pages just have a sentence or even a short word or two because I like the "look" of writing. But my sentences are usually fun things like "live every day like someone left the gate open" or quotes I find on pinterest. I just did a page using silhouettes, and I wrote along one of them "don't stand in the shadows be bright be bold be fun" or something like that. LOL There are no right or wrongs in art journaling! I focus on the art or fun stamped images.

  4. Fabulous love the ledger and really fancy the idea of gluing xx Hilda

  5. I do this but call junk journaling. I use everything paint,stamps ripped up paper add layers. I have a book I use just to use to wipe my brush clean on to use later as back ground.we all have word stamps we like and I use a label maker. I have journals that end up half open as I have added so much junk.LOL. I've been doing this now for a few years.. some pages never seem done. As u c an item and go back and add to a page.i just love the ledger your doing.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!