Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 Texture Calendar - May

If you've been following along with the Texture calendar that April's calendar was "April Showers" and of course that means  they bring "May Flowers" which is what I have for you today!

We are going to add texture by embedding dried flowers into modeling paste.  I chose modeling paste because it creates it's own texture as well as being a perfect "cement" for the flowers themselves.  If you don't have modeling paste a general collage glue will work as well.

Let's begin!

I started off by gathering the items I wanted to embed in the modeling paste.  Today I'm using a variety of leftover dried flowers from other projects and some green patina mica flakes.

Just another look at the flowers...

Spread a nice layer of modeling paste over the page.

Begin gently arranging the flowers as desired.

Push the flowers into the modeling paste by lightly pressing them down into the paste.

Keep going until you are satisfied with the flowers.

Sprinkle on the mica flakes and gently press them into the paste as well.  Set aside to dry.  Depending on how thick the layer of paste is it could take a few hours to over night which is how long I left mine to dry.  If desired you can mist with Acrylic Sealer or apply a layer of collage medium to protect any bits that might be sticking up out of the modeling paste from breaking off.  I chose to apply a layer of Shimmer Creative Medium not necessarily for the protection but for the shimmer aspect.

If desired, you could go ahead and add various color mediums, stamping, etc. over this base layer of texture or you could simply use it as is which is what I did.

This technique works with all sorts of things besides flowers and mica. 
Look around in your supplies to see what bits you have left over...
you'll be surprised at all the fun stuff you can embed to create texture.

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