Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Use Your Washi!

This month the Tool/Stash Challenge on the Club Scrap forum is to use Washi Tape...  which I love and have tons of.  I must admit though that I don't use it as often as I could/should so today I want to share a card I made over the weekend using 3 of my many many rolls of washi tape.

I am so tickled with how well it turned out!  It didn't start out looking this good - I originally tried to "free-hand" tape placement and let me tell you it was a disaster.  My lines weren't even at all so I peeled off all the tape and decided to do it the right way.

My trick for getting straight washi tape lines....  I used my ScorPal cutting mat and it worked like a charm!

I tilted my card to the angle I wanted my stripes to be placed then took a long piece of the washi tape (the polka dot strip near the center) and placed it along one of the inch marks through the center of the card.  I then was able to use the lines on the mat to line up each of the following pieces of washi tape.  I used 1/8" marks on the close together lines and 3/8" for the larger spaces which I later stamped with text and image stamps from the Garden Shed kit.

After I had taped up the entire card panel I used my exacto knife to cut it free.  And that's how easy it is to get perfectly aligned stripes of washi tape.

I was so tickled with my "water" gems coming from the sprinkling can... 


Club Scrap - Garden Shed papers, stamps; Sunflowers Kit Washi Tape
Scor Pal Cutting Mat
Imagine - Memento Dye Ink
Washi Tape - Unknown (blue & polka dot)
Prima - Flowers


  1. I've hoarded so much washi tape that I do NEED to use it! This is a great card, Roni. And a great tip about using a grid to line up the tape straight. 😍

  2. What an artful card Roni! I like your "water" gems, very creative!

  3. Roni, I love the stamped images in between the Washi tape!! Great card!

  4. Great card,Roni. Wonderful use of the washi tape

  5. Great card,Roni. Wonderful use of the washi tape

  6. Such a cute the glitter "water" falling from the watering can. So clever!

  7. Terrific tip on straight washi tape placement. Brilliant! My OCD thanks you!

  8. Great use of your washi tape!! Thanks for the tip about using the Scor-Pal pad!! I've got one, so will remember your technique!

  9. It turned out great! Love the background!


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