Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quad Prints - A Year in Review!

Each month the Club Stamp Kit includes something called a "Quad" print - it's a single sheet of paper that is made up of 4 smaller prints which compliment the kit all on a single sheet of paper.  It's perfect for card makers as the smaller prints lend themselves very well to smaller cards and projects.

Well the Club Scrap Artist Team has been challenged this month to create a project using one or more of these Quad Prints from 2014 Quad Print Compliation As I was sitting there looking at each print trying to decide what to make I thought of the mini albums made from a single sheet of paper and how the quads would make each page a little different.  The only draw-back is that those mini books are made from a single sheet of 12x12 paper while the Quads are 8.5x11. But I didn't give up that train of thought - I folded one sheet of each month's Quad into quarters and an idea was born....

A Year in Review 
Quad Book!

The front and back covers are book board with a different print from 8 different Quads that I pieced together for a fun look....  I printed the title on a piece of cardstock and left space for someone to stamp the year they wanted to review.

Back cover which I had originally thought was going to be the front but as it turned out I liked the other finished cover better.

AND - this is the first time I've tried stitching a book together!  I used this tutorial - Stitch Bound Book Project -  but mine is a bit wobbly. I was afraid to pull it too tight and when I finally did I ripped one of the pages.  No fear though - a bit of tape and I was back at it.  I must say it was quite fun and I'd like to learn more stitches...  Something I'm definitely going to do again.

Above are all of the quads folded and ready to be pierced.

The original instructions were for a larger book and the ribbon I was using was an odd size so I did a bit of math to figure out where each of the 6 holes needed to be placed.  I used my CS Grid Ruler 
 which I love... it's marked out in eights so it makes figuring out things like this very easy.

Here are all of the pages with the holes poked ready to stitch together.

I added solid black pages for the front and back which I used to adhere the book to the cover.

I didn't have 3 hands so I didn't take in the process photos of the stitching but above is where I started and below they are all stitched up.

I glued the pages to the insides of the covers...

And it's all done - ready for memories!

These are just a few of the pages - all in all there is room for 48 (or more) photos and/or journal areas.   Since the book is a little wonky (loose stitching & one torn/repaired page) I didn't think anyone would want it so I probably won't give it away but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for being my first stitch bound book.

I hope it has inspired you to give Quad prints a try and maybe make a book for yourself as well.  


  1. WOW Roni, love this idea and the book is GREAT!!

  2. Great mini book! It is beautiful!

  3. Very good for your first stitched book!
    stamping sue

  4. Neat! Love minibooks, journals, papers, and homemade so this is great...combines them all plus it's always fun to try something new. Way to go Roni!

  5. What a fabulous idea! I just might have to copy you on this one. Glad you tried stitching your first book . . . but beware, it can be kind of addicting!

  6. Wonderful. I love book binding and never would have thought of that. It is the most creative use of paper I have seen.

  7. I love it! How wonderful that you "took a stab" at stitching your own book, and the different print styles works so well together! One thought might be to make multi-page signatures where one or two pieces of the text weight quad print would nest into one piece of cover weight paper on the outside of the signature to create a more sturdy stitching area and prevent that "tear-able" problem. (I'm just full of puns today, aren't I?) Super job, Roni!

  8. I think it is just wonderful!

  9. Wow,what a great project, Roni! And to have all these papers in a book,just a wonderful idea.

  10. Great job on your first album! I think that's one of my favorite skills learned from my CS membership -- making books. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is awesome! I almost did a mini album, too! It would have been less fancy, though... =)
    The Leaf Studio

  12. What a great project-love the whole thing!!


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