Monday, October 26, 2015

Back in Indiana

Hello Peeps!

We're back in Indiana after a wonderful trip down to Kentucky this past week/weekend.  Dh and I went down for a business convention down in Louisville but then took a few extra days to explore.  In the past we've been down there for the National Farm Machinery show which is in February but we've never had the opportunity to visit during the fall.  I'm so happy we were able to this year.  I love the scenery down there anyway but with the lovely autumn colors it was spectacular.  

The first 3 photos are crossing over the Ohio river into KY from Indiana.  It was a bit scary because they are doing lots of construction on the bridges so everyone is really crammed in there going an insane speed.

Normally when we go on vacation we don't make any hard plans, we just drive and see what we can find. So after the convention was over we just set out to see what we could see.  Below are several photos along the way.

In Kentucky they call these Indiana they are mountains.  Indiana is flat compared to this!

Such lovely rivers too!

We went down to Cave City and got to see one of the remaining Wigwam Village Motels in the USA.  It's such a fun site to see right along the road side.  I made dh pull into the parking lot so I could take some pics.  We didn't stay there - It's always been a dream of mine to stay but after reading the reviews I wasn't brave enough to do so....I like my creature comforts.

When we're down in Kentucky we like to visit Antique Shops/Malls.  I was saddened to learn that one of my favorite antique malls Goss Street Antiques and Interiors had been closed and is in the process of being turned into condos.  Progress?!?!

We did visit several other of our favorites - these 2 photos were taken in my favorite - YesterNook which is actually in an old funeral home.  Wacky I know but they ALWAYS have a great selection of goodies at super prices.  I found lots of stuff for my Etsy store and my own collection/use.    They have lots of retro and antique goodies stashed here and there but these two chandeliers really caught my eye.  Just beautiful!

The photo below is from either the Louisville Antique Mall or Crazy Daisy Antique Mall - can't remember now which it was.  I just love looking down this long hall seeing all of the wonderful goodies to take in and explore!

We stopped at several others - 4 in Glendale Kentucky where we also stopped and ate at the Whistle Stop cafe.  It had some really amazing home cooked country meals - well worth the wait.  Delish!  And I have to say I really miss the sweet tea that you can get in's so very good.  After drinking it down there I'd say nobody in Indiana can make good tea - LOL!!

So, that's what I've been up to for the past week.  I must admit - I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  My mind is still on vacation time.  But I did get lots of fun stuff for my Etsy store which I will be adding as I get things photographed and written up.

Also, several people have asked how my craft area reorganization is going.  I promise to have new photos showing my progress and how I've organized a few things - including my color pencil dilemma very soon. 

Have a wonderful day friends!


  1. Looks like my kind of trip... We just love exploring too. Glad y'all had fun!! I had to grin when you about the hills because we always comment about the extreme flatness when we're in your part of the country. (I'm in NC)

    1. LOL...that is so funny about the hills - my uncle lives in PA and he always teasing us about what we call hills vs. what they call hills.

  2. Looks like a fun trip. I've never been to Kentucky, but it looks beautiful. :)

  3. Looks like a fun trip. I've never been to Kentucky, but it looks beautiful. :)


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