Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Pocket Letter Give-Away!

Today I have - yes - another Pocket Letter to share with you.  I know, but I really am having fun  making these.  They are like ATC's on steroids!  Way too much fun packed into a small (sort of) package.  This Pocket Letter is also featured today on the IMAGINE Crafts blog - Autumn Mixed Media Pocket Letter!

This pocket letter was created with a mixed media style involved and a bit different than other PL's I've shared recently.  This one was created as a single piece then cut into the individual cards for each pocket.  It's not better than other styles, just a different twist.

I used all sorts of different media to create this from Creative Medium, Fireworks Sprays, Staz-On, Memento Inks and Markers, Stencils, Stamps and more.  If you'd like to see step by step instructions and a complete supply list you can find it here - Autumn Mixed Media Pocket Letter.

And of course I filled up the back with a variety of goodies!

Would you like to receive this pocket letter in the mail? 
Well one Ink Stained friend will - 
all you have to do is post a comment about fall in your area
(and I know it might not be autumn where you live but we'd still like to hear about it).

You have until 10-9 to post your comment 
and you might just be the lucky winner :)

Hope you have a wonderful Autumn weekend!


  1. I am loving the return of cool, foggy mornings with the bright yellow and red leaves offsetting the gray. My favorite time of year!

    And I love this pocket letter!

  2. At the moment it doesn't feel very autumnal, we have had a few gloriously sunny warm days, but the days are becoming shorter and shorter and by 7pm its dark, and then it does feel like fall.
    A friend of mine introduced me to pocket letters, they are such a great idea. Love the one you made.

  3. Gorgeous fall weather here in northern CA! We have leaves changing colors and that awesome fresh, crisp feel in the air... my favorite season!
    Thanks for a chance to win your beautiful Pocket Letter!

  4. I'm currently at the SC coast and it's been unusually hot and humid in September with lots of sunshine. But yesterday and today, the rains plaguing the Carolinas caught up with us and it feels cold at 65 today.

  5. Thank you for an awesome giveaway! Count me in! Your Pocket Letter looks amazing! So many techniques used! I love it!

    Fall is my favourite season! I love the cool temperatures and the changing leaves! The leaves here have already started to change and they look beautiful! I enjoy walking in nature to enjoy the leaves and the beautiful foliage! Thank you!

  6. Oh my goodness, Roni! Your pocket letter is just gorgeous and I would love for it to come my way. We're not having fall yet in NC. We're getting all that rain from storms and we've had 7 days straight so far. When it passes next week, we are hoping for the lovely colors to start. I can't wait to shuffle around in the DRY leaves, LOL. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful project.

  7. Whilst I might be down under so it's spring right now, in Tasmania in Autumn, especially where I live down the river, is spectacular. Autumn is my favourite season, I collect leaves and hang them about my home. We also do crafty/arty things with them in my classroom of Grade 3s. We have an old oak just outside my classroom door, which is very handy...and very messy when the wind blows:)

  8. This is wonderful ... thank you for the instructions - didn't know how to make a pocket letter. I just made my 2nd ever ATC today. I'm addicted to this art form. It is fall here in VA. I live on a lake in the mountains ... beautiful here every season, but Autumn has a special place in my heart. Love the cool air and colors.

  9. Autumn behind summer is my favorite time of the year. I love the colours and the typical smell.
    Your pocket letter looks fantastic just like the wonderful sunny days for the time being here in Germany. Thanks for the chance to ein.

  10. What great looking atc's! I like autumn because of the weather and all the beautiful colors outside with the trees.
    stamping sue

  11. Autumn here in Florida is just a cooler hot. I miss the cooler days and glorious autumn colors in the Adirondack mountains of New York where I lived most of my life. It's always been my favorite time of the year.

    1. Sorry, my phone isn't set up to show my name - Linda DesGroseilliers

  12. It's just now starting to turn cool every now and again in south Louisiana. I woke up to 60 degrees yesterday morning and it didn't even hit 80 for the high. It will turn warmer again but the next few days will be cool. We normally don't start getting really cold days until December at the earliest. The trees haven't even started turning yet.

    Beautiful pocket letter. Love the colors you chose.


  13. Hi Roni!
    Our Autumn started out with Indian Summer and wooosh! just like that- brrrr- leaves are rapidly falling and boy has it turned cold! Was down to 40 last night! So glad for a toasty fireplace!!
    Your pocket letter is beautiful and I love the assortment of items you tuck in- never thought of some of those things! Thanks for the inspiration as well as the chance!
    hugs and pumpkin smiles!

  14. lovely pocket letter for autumn well I moved to Florida where autumn here is green unlike the beautiful autumn I miss in Illinois with all the gorgeous colors along root 6 for a fab drive in autumn.I have to go to georgia to see autumn or enjoy art work for this lovely season and I would love to win this such beautiful inspiration for autumn!

  15. Love it, want it, lovely pocket letter, I miss seeing all the beautiful colors of autumn, I moved here from New York, One of my favorite aside from summer is the beginning of fall. I want to win....

  16. Sorry to mentioned where I moved too, Florida always green here, I like it very much but like I said in my last post miss those change of colors of Fall.....
    thank you
    I want to win

  17. I love the colors of Autumn. I love in Fairlawn NJ and right now we have a gray day with intermittent rain. We do need rain but it's a little gloomy:)

  18. I have never heard of a pocket letter, but what a great way to brighten one's day! Autumn is approaching fast here in WV and I can't wait to see what beautiful colors arrive in the coming weeks! Happy Fall y'all from Wild & Wonderful WV :)

  19. That is a really neat idea! Fall hasn't started here yet, but we do get some really beautiful colors. I Can't resist taking photos every year.

  20. It's autumn here in the mountains in northern California. That means cold nights and mornings, but beautiful warm afternoons. Some the leaves are changing colors, but the drought has affected our trees and colors aren't as dramatic this year.

  21. Hi Roni, I think it's autumn here, although this year it's hard to tell. It's warmer than it's been for most of the summer, but the leaves are falling, no pretty colours, just boring brown, and the chickens are all in moult, so it must be autumn. Long may it continue. Very pretty pocket letter. Hugz

  22. Last year, I was obsessed with the autumn leaves & brought back bagfuls from the woods every weekend. I am looking forward to photographing all the beautiful fall colors again!

  23. Pocket letters are a lot of fun both for giver and receiver... Speaking of fun Parke County Indiana will be the site if the annual covered bridge festival starting in a week. Lots of crafts, shopping, yard sales and good food. So big it spills over into the surrounding counties...honey, when it's covered bridge time in Indiana it's Fall!

  24. I love the fall theme and colors; so pretty! What a great idea to make one large piece then cut it into individual cards. I do that sometime when creating ATC backgrounds. It's a great time saver when the swap deadline is getting close. ;)


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