Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Lives Under Our Old Truck?

Well it's been a hectic day - worked over at the building and when I got home I had to clean....ick!  So I didn't have much time in my craft room to get inky BUT I do have something fun to share with you! 

Recently dh told me I needed to come out to the farm and to bring my camera.  I thought it would be more photos of tractors, equipment, something for sale, etc.  But when I arrived he had me follow him to the old (1960 something) International truck.  I thought that was odd because I knew they were going to convert it to a grain truck so they aren't going to sell it so why take pictures of it?

He stops about 6 feet from the back of the bed and says look...  o.k.. some grass hanging from the rear bumper...

He says no, look closer.....  OMG - babies!!!

A mother robin made a nest on the bumper of our old truck!  She didn't just have 2 or even 3 babies...

She had 4 little peepers!  You can see 3 easily because of their beaks but the 4th is tucked in front of the one on the left.  It had it's head tucked down under the chin of the 3rd baby.  I never realized that they could have so many in one nest before.  I'd only ever seen 2-3 at a time.

Spring on the farm...full of surprises :)


  1. OH my goodness such sweet babies! I think baby robins are the cutest of all the little baby birds. Amazing how they all fit so nicely in those perfectly round nests!! What a fun find. :)

  2. LOVE this story and the photos! What a fun way to upcycle an old truck...haha!

  3. What a lovely surprise for you, they are dear little birds, glad you showed us the photos

  4. Great pics! You just never know where those little critters will nest.

  5. what a cute picture! Birds will nest in the strangest places.

  6. OMGosh- what a great photo! And how clever of mother Robin to nest on the bumper!! xo

  7. Awwww, so sweet and well protected I would think. How did your dh even find them? Thanks for the precious photos.


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