Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time Steampunk Mica Card - Part 1

Hello my Inky Friends!  I hope you're having a great week - things are getting steamy here in Indiana - so much so I thought it would be a fine time to share a Steampunk themed project with you!  I needed a card with movement so I thought a telescoping card would be fun but of course you know me...I couldn't just go with the usual 3 layers, instead I decided to go for 6!

Here's what the finished card looks like....

And here it is all telescoped out....

Now this card has a bit of a twist to it.  I used die-cut embossed mica in the center of many of the segments!  More about that later I'm going to share how I started off making the body of the card.

Basic Telescoping Card Supplies:

Black Cardstock
Scallop Circle Dies - X Cut
Circle & Large Gear Dies - Spellbinders
Gear Background Die - Memory Box


1. You'll need to determine how many segments you want to add to your card.  I had a specific sentiment I wanted to use and it was going to take 5 pieces to spread it out on plus I wanted one as the "cover" gear to top it off.  I wanted this card to have a metallic feel so I did trimmed several pieces of black cardstock to correspond to each segment of the card.  

2. I wanted the gears to have a metallic feel to them so I spread a layer of each of the 4 Metallic Creative Mediums onto the black cardstock pieces....Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze.  Let these panels dry naturally.

3. Die cut 2 of each size segement, one from the CM covered cardstock and one from plain black cardstock.  I didn't have enough gears to make all of the segments so I used scallop circles for a few.  To get only frames from the scallop circles I paired it with a plain circle die as shown above.  Once all of the frames/gears are cut, set aside for now.

4. It's time to impress the gear background into the mica sheets.  You will need enough sheet mica for each open frame you have. To emboss the design I took a piece of mica that had approx. 4-8 layer which was sandwiched between my cutting pads and my embossing pad with all of the shims removed from the platform.  You'll want to experiment with your own machine as they all have their own quirks.

5. After I embossed the design into the mica I use a sponge dauber to push Gauche StazOn ink into the design to make it pop....  Love it!

6. So now gather your layers and make sure you have everything you need and they all match up....

7.  Glue each section together - black frame on the bottom, mica in the center and Creative Medium covered frame on top then let dry.  This will take a bit as the glue doesn't get absorbed into the mica...I let mine set over night.

And here are all of my segments glued and ready to go!

Tomorrow we'll pick it up here and embellish and assemble the card.
Till then friends ~
Ink On!!


  1. Totally awesomeness Roni!! Love the 6 instead of 3!
    I looove the clock in the photo also!!

  2. This is amazing! thanks for sharing your tutorial, this would be so fun to recreate.

  3. I love the steampunk look! Fun card!

  4. OMG Roni, you have the patience of a saint and the imagination of a true genius! This card is amazing!

  5. These stamps are Time of Your Life from Club Scrap, right?

    1. Yes Pam, most of them are - the saying, "T"ime and a couple of the background stamps are. The small clock diagrams are from 7Gypsies/Hampton Art. HTH!


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