Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ott Light - Amazing Deal!!!

I've been busy cleaning my desk this afternoon after I got home from work today.  Why?  Because my 2 new OttLites arrived!!!  This is what they look like....

and you'll never guess what I paid for them.   


How cool is that?!?!?  These are $45.00 lights - OttLite 15w Telescoping 360 Light (70.00 - 80.00 other places).

But I wanted to share where I got them....  Cleaners Supply  (while supplies last).  I don't know how many they have in stock but I'd hurry if I were you.  You're not likely to find a deal like this again any time soon.  I've been searching for YEARS for a good deal on OttLites but never bought any because they are always too expensive.  

I found these by chance - I was buying some thread for our business and when I hit the check out button - it came up on the - "You might like these items" page before taking me to the cart.  Well I sure do like it - AMAZING!!!!

Now I had enough stuff in my cart for free shipping so I can't say how much shipping will be but at that price it'd be worth it to buy several and share with friends.  They are just too amazing!!  And I've ordered from this place several times with great results.

BTW, I'm not getting paid to put this on my blog...it's just a great deal that I wanted to share.


  1. When my Ott Lite broke after years of being used, I nearly despaired.
    Nowadays, I smile anyway

  2. Yikes Roni!! Looks like you got spammed!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the info on the lights- in my way over now to buy a couple!!
      Happy 4th ,my friend!! xo

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Ott light! I just ordered one and also a BOGO Free large zippered laundry bag with shipping at $3.75 for all!!! I want to use the light for stitching and needle punch so hope that it will work well for that!! thnx! Hugs Linda

  4. Got mine delivered yesterday. I ordered it for my son so I can get my light back that he has "borrowed" for the last couple of weeks. Perfect timing in the post.


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