Thursday, June 18, 2015

Color Burst & Brusho Color Comparisons

Since I shared the color tags for both Brusho & Color Burst Pigment Powders I thought I would also share what the colors look like side by side so you can see the differences (or similarities) for yourself.  Since there are many more colors of Brusho vs. Color Burst I chose the colors most similar to share.

The tags on the top of each photo are Brusho - similar Color Burst on the bottom.  As you will see, some colors are very close while there are no real comparisons for others....

CB- A. Crimson is somewhere between B-Brilliant Red & Rose Red...prob. closer to the Rose Red.

Both similar Orange.

No real comparison...

B-Emerald Green is closest to CB-Pthalo Green but not a great match.

B-Turquoise is very similar to the CB-UltraMarine Blue.... Much closer than B-Ultra Marine.

As you can see the CB-Violet has no B comparison.  
All very different and beautiful in their own way.

I think a few people thought I was choosing Brusho over Color Burst the other day which isn't true.  I was simply sharing those colors and stating facts.  I own both (as you can see) and I feel though they are similar products there is room for both.   To me it's no different than purchasing 2 similar color ink pads from different lines or companies.  Yes, they both stamp images but there are always differences be it in shade, tint, ink types, etc.    There is always room for more ;)


  1. Again a great blog post showing both products. These were time consuming I am sure and I do appreciate you taking the time to show all these and sharing on BBCB Facebook.

  2. Thanks for the comparison of both products I'm anxiously waiting for the delivery of Brusho and will most likely in the future be buying Color Bursts also. Thanks also for encouraging me to play more. ;-) Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Hi Roni,

    Have you tried mixing up the Brusho with warm water to make an ink. The difference in the colours is really more obvious then I think.

  4. Thank you for this! Your post popped up when I googled to compare Brushos with Dr Martin (I forgot the name "Color Burst" :) ). I've been debating with which set/brand to start my investment with. :) My local stamp store carries Color Burst but $ wise I think Brusho is good for me to start with then like you've shown with the color differences/similarities, I will be supplementing with the Color Burst. Ha, I may buy that CB - Violet before I can even get the Brushos! So pretty! Thank you for your input!


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