Thursday, September 11, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge - Week #2

Hi all... Last week I mentioned that I had decided to join in a fun challenge - Altered Playing Card Challenge.  So the first week was to choose your deck of playing cards and cover them with a layer of gesso.  Well, you know me - I like to do my own thing so I pulled together a set of more unusual cards....

Yes, I went to my stash and pulled out bingo cards, flash cards, coasters and even a few giant playing cards.  I'm going to have a mega stack of art cards when I'm finished!  Now about the gesso'ing - I didn't do that either.   I personally like the foundation to show through on some cards more than others which is why I left them bare. Since I don't know what the supplies/techniques will be I decided to leave them as is and decide at the time if I want to add gesso or not.   This week since the assignment was to use spray ink I did apply gesso - more on the coaster, less on the bingo card.

For the coaster I decided to add some texture by "Cooking the Gesso".... I began heating the gesso when it was about 60% dry.  Why then?  The gesso was dry enough to form a skin over the entire piece - thinner areas completely dry while the thicker peaks were still very wet inside.  Now what do I mean by cooking it...just that, heating the gesso until it started to boil and bubble and form lots of great texture!  

You can see some of that fun texture in this photo....

Now time for Week #2 - as I mentioned above Claudine used spray ink so I pulled a few out.  Bubble Gum Pink and Squeezed Orange for my first card...

And London Blue & Fresh Lime for my second...

Here are what both of my cards look like at this point.

I wanted my cards to be similar but not exact so I kept the butterfly theme, stamped my black flowers instead of using a die-cut and found a sentiment that I liked and here's how it turned out!

Stamp: Just For Fun Rubber Stamps
Fonts - "just don't fly" is Modern No.20; Soar is Ornatique
Die-cuts - no idea - sorry!

I got home from work later than planned so I didn't have time to start on the second card so I'll have to share that one tomorrow...once it's finished that is.

Hope to see you then...


  1. Gorgeous! Love the colours! Looking forward to seeing the second one!

  2. I really love how your coaster turned out, wonderfully done, I love thtq you using Misc.. Backgrounds way to go!!!! Pinning these to my Pinterest board.

  3. I had never heard of cooking gesso so going to have to give that a try. Your background turned out gorgeous with the cooked gesso and mists. Can't wait to see your second one. :-)

  4. Ronnie I love your technique posts! I got to do my two cards tonight and get them posted.

  5. How fun- I am short a few cards in my deck, so may have to try some Altered Not ATC's as well! Loving the coaster- as I love pinks- both beautiful work!

  6. Love it! I too am a "few cards short of a pack"..... I have mave a few with cardstock/bookpaper etc, but still need a few more. I might steal your idea, and look for different things in my stash. Thank you


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