Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet Cherries...

Well, summer has finally arrived here in Indiana with a vengeance.  It's almost 90 with extremely high humidity...perfect cherry weather but not so great for people!  They say tomorrow is going to be even warmer ~ humidity is going to make it feel like 100+.   I hope you're enjoying summer (or whatever season it may be) where you're located!  How's your weather so far?  

I colored the above Cherries Sketch image using my Koi's been fun experimenting with them.  I am again amazed at how little paint it takes to get so much color.  I chose the cherries because now is cherry pickin' time here in Indiana...I don't like the artificial cherry flavoring at all but I do love fresh sweet n sour cherries fresh picked from the tree!  Mmmmm cherry cobbler!  Doesn't get much better than that on a summer afternoon :)

Don't forget - there are only a couple days left to apply for the Just For Fun Design Team!  They are accepting applications until June 18th so if you've been thinking about it now's the time to submit your info!

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  1. Beautiful job on your painting. And all the details you added like the three buttons really add to this card. I love cherries and this time of the year. Lol! I didn't love though sorting them as the warehouse was so cold and then you would go outside and cook in the 90 degree weather.

    Weather has cooled down where I live. I actually have to put a sweatshirt on to walk the dogs. I wouldn't mind a few days of temperatures at least in the high seventies again. It has mainly been raining at nighttime but every once in awhile it will dump rain for about five minutes and then it is over.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cooler weather~~~~~~~~~ your way or at least lower humidity so the weather is more comfortable for you.


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