Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Steamy Vertigo Canvas - IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko!

I am excited to be able to share another fun, "Steamy" project combining wonderful products from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko and Altered Pages.  

I began by tearing up several different pieces of vintage textsheet music and tags which I glued down to my canvas using IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko's Creative Medium.    

I don't know about you but I love using glassine in my collages.  They add such a fun texture.  For this collage I tore apart a glassine envelope which I crumpled several times.

I guess I got a bit rough with it because it ended up with a tear in the side.  No worries though, before it's all said and done I'll be tearing it up anyway.

Next I inked one side with Blue Hawaii Staz-On and Spiced Chai on the other side.  I love that you can see the ink from both sides.  Depending on which side is facing up, the ink on the other side is soft and muted.  I tore this up into bits and added it to the collage as well again with Creative Medium.

Once the collage had a chance to dry I used a bit of gesso and a couple different Andy Skinner stencils to create my next layer texture on the canvas. 

While the gesso was drying I inked up a few chipboard gears from Leaky Shed using Delicata Ink - a beautiful metallic ink with a beautiful luster.  I used both the Golden Glitz and Silvery Shimmer.

I wanted to age these gears a bit so I placed them on a postcard tag and sprayed them with irRESISTible Bronze Texture Spray.

A couple squirts with do the trick.  You can see how they don't look shiny and new anymore.  They have taken on a nice used, vintage look.

Of course you know me...I can't resist at least a little bit of sparkle, I added a few spritzes of Shimmer Goosebumps for good measure.

Now, here's why I placed them on the tag....all of the excess mist wasn't wasted - it's left behind a marvelous reverse print of the gears and as soon as it dries will be perfect for a quick gift tag or embellishment for a scrapbook, card or other fun project!

After the canvas had a chance to dry I sponged the outer portion of the canvas using an Ink Blusher and Pistachio Memento LUXE mixed media ink.  I applied Peanut Brittle LUXE ink to the center.

While the canvas was drying I embossed several 1.5" squares of Vertigo Film and Sheet Metal in my die-cutter.  The Vertigo Film has an amazing feel to's got lots of little ridges that gives it lots of great texture and the illusion of movement.  Really amazing stuff you just have to see and feel in person to get the full experience.

I colored these embossed squares using StazOn Midis in Blue Hawaii, Midnight Blue, Cactus Green and Orange Zest.  The addition of the inks really made the embossed pattern pop on both.

To tie the embellishments and collage together I added some Danube Blue and Nautical Blue LUXE inks the the edge of the collage.

Next I stamped several images from Altered Pages rubber stamps again with the StazOn Midi's this time in Jet Black, Spiced Chai, Midnight Blue and Claret.  

After the inks had dried I spritzed with both  Bronze irRESISTible Texture Spray and Shimmer Goosebumps Texture Spray for another layer of texture and sparkle and to tie in the Gears that I made earlier.

Now it's time for get the spacing correct I added the gears first,

and added the Vertigo, Sheet Metal and Eco Squares to the collage.  It was looking a bit bare so I added a bit of color here and there which really helped bring it all together!   And here's the finished collage....

A few close ups of various areas....

I hope you've enjoyed this steamy Vertigo canvas...

Creative Medium, Vertigo Film, StazOn Midi - Orange Zest; Cactus Green, Midnight Blue, Hawaii Blue, Spiced Chai, Claret, Jet Black, Sheet Metal, GlazOn (Antique), irRESISTible Texture Medium - Bronze, Goosebumps Shimmer Texture Medium, Ink Blushers, fantastix, Memento LUXE Mixed Media Ink - Peanut Brittle, Pistachio, Nautical Blue, Delicata Ink - Golden Glitz & Silvery Shimmer

Altered Pages Supplies:
8x10 Canvas Board , Vintage Text PagesVintage Sheet MusicTagsGlassine EnvelopeGessoRubber StampsCorkEco BoardLeaky Shed Chipboard GearsAleene's GlueStencils


  1. I love the colors! I don't have any of the memento LUXE inks, I will look for them.
    You did a great job again.

  2. I love the colors! I don't have any of the memento LUXE inks, I will look for them.
    You did a great job again.

    1. Thanks - The LUXE inks are really nice, almost creamy pigment ink that you can use with water as well. Fun stuff!

  3. WOW!!! It looked great when you hadn't added the colors yet but those pop of bright color really brings it to life!

  4. As I said before you are a "Collage Queen"! I love how you pulled all the elements together with just the right amount of color. As well as your concise directions of what you did. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous canvas. I'm A Lovin It!

    I now have Luxe inks on my wishlist. I discovered they can be used on fabric and then the fabric heat set if the fabric is going to be washed..Also I discovered there is a bunch of colors of the IrRESISTIBLE spray. The Vertigo Film is not in my budget but it is pretty. I did have a question if it was listed in the list of supplies I missed it. Is the sheet metal what you can find at a hardware store cut into squares or was it something else? I found some 28 gauge sheet metal reasonably priced but didn't know if it would work.

    1. The Sheet Metal is something offered by IMAGINE Crafts as well. They come in small geometric shapes (squares, circles, ovals) charms, ATC and a larger sheet size. It's thin enough to emboss (as I did on this piece) and sturdy enough to hold it's shape well.

      You can find metal sheets at the hardware store but I'm not sure which gauge would compare to the IC/T Sheet Metal.

  5. Great!!! I love it. Did you use pop up dots behind some of those squares or merely shade to seem they popping out? Thanks.

    1. Thanks ~ No, the squares that look like they are thicker/popped out are actually Eco Board squares. Fun pieces of chipboard that have a heavy paper covering on each side perfect for taking inks, paint or other medium. I inked then stamped each one.

  6. I love all the close-ups of this card. There are a lot of things going on here and they all play together perfectly. Love it.


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