Monday, June 30, 2014

Steampunk Gelatos!!

Did you know there is a new set of Gelatos out?
It's called Steampunk!!!

Faber-Castell Steampunk Gelatos

Of course I had to get a set...
I mean first it's Gelatos AND Steampunk.
(Yes, I do understand the power of branding.)

The new colors are Iced Coffee which is a metallic and looks like a deep rich bronze.  Next is Cinnamon, Black Cherry (purple), and Iced Chai - another metallic which looks like a warm gold.

Here is the Black Cherry among the other purple gelatos...  
it's the 2nd color in (where the tube is).

This is the Iced Chai (2nd) and Iced Coffee (3rd) between the original Metallic Gold and Silver.

This photo is Iced Coffee, original Chocolate, Iced Chai, Butterscotch and Cinnamon....gosh they all sound so good together huh?  A little whip cream and it sounds like quite a beverage! LOL!!

I quite like the new metallics.
I can't wait to use them!


  1. No! No! Don't tempt me! I love the metallic set I bought and now I'm just going to have to buy this set also. Luckily Amazon doesn't have it in stock yet and I don't know when I'll next be able to go to the big city to go to Hobby Lobby. They might not have it in stock either though. I love that Black Cherry color. Lol! I don't dare go to any other online sites just in case they have it in stock.;-)

  2. ....those look so yummy and of course I had to come across this while I feel hungry LOL. I have not played with gelatos, will hunt some pages to see how it is done:)
    Thanks for sharing!~kim

  3. I have been playing with my 1950 inspired colours and want some more - now I know which ones I want - thank you Roni! Karen xx

  4. Great review. I'm putting them on my wish list, too!

  5. You enabler, you! I'll go down that garden path with you, for sure. :)

  6. Great review but bad for me!!!! Now, I just "have to get" these gorgeous colors!!!! :)

  7. Thank you Roni, I think I need those too!


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