Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Radiant Neon Chevron Rainbow

I have a fun way to turn plain old washi tape into something really fun!

Create a funky chevron rainbow background by using IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko's new Radiant Neon inks on black and white chevron print washi tape!  It's easy to do and makes a nifty background for your cards.

Start off by tearing several strips of washi tape off the roll and stick them down to your clean non-stick craft mat.  Don't worry about sticking the tape to the mat...it will peel off easily and can be reapplied to your project no problem.  

Next I used an Ink Blusher to apply the Radiant Neon inks to each of the strips.

Once you've got all of the inks applied to the washi tape you'll need to heat set the inks with a heat tool. NOTE: Radiant Neon Inks are pigment inks so you must heat set them in order for them to dry on the slick surface of the washi tape.

Once the inky tape has dried, begin by peeling up one strip of the washi tape and sticking it down to the cardstock.  For the next piece of tape flip it over so the chevrons go the opposite direction.  Continue to add tape, flipping every other one until all of your pieces have been stuck down to the cardstock.  This will create a really fun design in the tape.

If you look closely you'll notice I screwed up the blue & purple pieces of tape!  I forgot to flip the blue one so it messed up the pattern.  No worries though, I carefully peeled them both up and fixed it.  Of course it would make a neat pattern if you wanted to go that way but it was obviously a screw up...no way to talk my way out of that one ;)  LOL!!

And here is what I did with the Radiant Neon Chevron Rainbow! I colored the sunglasses with Radiant Neon Inks and a Fantastix.  The lenses were colored with Silver and Gold Delicata Inks (also by IC/T) and the zebra print sun glass lenses were colored with Spectrum Noir Markers.

Stamps: Just For Fun Rubber Stamps
Ink: IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko

Now you know what a Radiant Neon Chevron Rainbow looks like :)
Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! I love not only the technique you used to transform the tape but also the cute card. Thanks for the tip about heat setting when using pigment inks. I would love to try this technique but alas I don't even have one roll of washi tape. Of course I don't have the neon inks either. Looks like those are going to have to go on the wishlist or jump in a cart while I'm surfing online. ;-)

    Hope you are surviving the weather.


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