Friday, June 13, 2014

IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko Creative Medium

Today I wanted to chit chat a bit about IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko's Creative Medium.   I've known about this stuff for a while and wanted to get a demo posted for you but just never got around to it (ya know...way too many things on that old "To Do" list).  BUT, I recently had a chance to play with the Vintage Creative Medium and I knew I could wait no longer!

Creative Medium comes in three different styles - Clear, Shimmer and Vintage (my fav!).  Now here is the Official blurb about it....  

"Use Creative Medium for collage, decoupage and toner-based photo transfers onto a variety of surfaces including paper, acrylic, metal and more.  Easy clean up with water."

Doesn't tell you much does it?  Most people wouldn't give it a second look with the ho-hum description.

WELL, I'm here to tell you the stuff is awesome!  First off if you can tell from the photo below it's got a really great consistency.  It's got a texture somewhere between face cream and pudding.  I know, it sounds weird but hey, it's what it feels like to me ;)  Now why you ask is that a good thing.  Well if you're like me and really like to dig in and get your hands dirty (inky, painty, etc.) when you're being artsy then you'll love this stuff.  It's not runny like some collage glues/mediums so it's not going to run down your fingers or get all over your desk if you happen to knock it over, etc.  I like to use my fingers for it - you simply scoop a bit out of the jar, smear it wherever you want it and stick whatever you want to it.

Here I wanted to show you how they all three look side by side.  I took one of my favorite collage images (from the AP Collage Sheet - Ladies Who Lunch AP-477) glued it down to a piece of cardstock using the CM then covered the front of the image with the medium and added a blob at the top so you could see what it looks like close up.

Scoop up a bit & smear it on the back of the image...

I tried to show how the medium looks on the back but the flash ruined it...

I glued em down, covered them up and added a dab about each photo.  This is what they look like wet ~ they dry to a translucent finish.  The clear is just that, clear; the shimmer finishes clear/grey tint with a beautiful shimmer anywhere you put the medium (the grey in thicker layers is from all the shimmer going on) and the vintage finishes with a beautiful sepia tone!  All three have a glossy finish and if you use your fingers to apply it you'll see the "brush strokes".  I've used an Ink Blusher (like a make-up sponge) and have gotten a very nice smooth finish ~ but I like the brush strokes myself.  Totally up to you, your tastes and the look you're going for.  I finished on project off with lots of short strokes through the medium to make it look like an oil painting finish!  It was awesome.

This photo shows the mediums "almost" dry... (I couldn't wait any longer - lol!!).   I tried to speed drying with a heat tool and got a bit agressive...the thicker parts ended up bubbling a bit but it too is pretty cool.

The Creative Medium has other uses in addition to collage/decoupage techniques.  You can use it to make image transfers.  Now the jar says it needs to be a toner based image for best results.  Well, not one to follow directions I decided to try it out with an Ink Jet copy.  I was very impressed with the results.  I got a really nice transfer paper to paper - just as you would any other medium.  I tried it Ink Jet paper to Vertigo (a fun plastic type sheet from IC/T) and Ink Jet paper to metal and those worked great as well!.  I even tried a double transfer which had super results!  You'll see all of these later this month when I share another Altered Pages / IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko cross promo project.  I can't wait...I had so much fun making it!!

You can also mix goodies into the Creative Medium or sprinkle it on top of the wet medium to use as a binder ~ things like glitter, micro beads, mica chips, pigments or powders and more.   

Another fun thing to try is to use it paired with a stencil for a resist technique.  Simply smear the CM over the stencil, remove the stencil (and wash with soap & water), let the CM dry and then spritz or ink over with desired colors.  The area you applied the CM will resist the inks and show off the stencil design perfectly!

So, there you go ~ a bit more info about a product worthy of a second look!


Once all of the mediums had fully dried I took a new photo which better shows how they look dry.  I think you'll be amazed at the difference....




I love how they dry translucent!


  1. That looks really cool! I use a ton of Multi-medium but that vintage color looks like something I would love to try! Thanks for the review, I never would have tried it from the description.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us what this Multi-Medium stuff is all about !! I truly look forward to your email/blog and getting the chance to learning about what's new and or unknown to me from the crafty world. You do such an excellent job !! Thanks again !! Holly B

  3. Cool! Thanks Roni. Something new to keep my eye out for.

  4. Some how I missed this post yesterday. Lol! I was just going to e-mail about photo transfer using an inkjet printer if it would work. I have the Vintage coming next week and am excited to use it. It was an add on through Amazon and I almost had the required amount of merchandise in my cart so added it. :-) Can't wait to try it as a resist using stencils as well as doing other play with it. Thanks once again about sharing a new to me product.

  5. Great info, Roni! I couldn't agree about the description on the product. When I read it I thought to myself, "Why should I use then when I already have gel medium?" Now I see why!!! Awesome results!! I may have to redo my friend's birthday present with this because I think it will add so much to the image transfer! Thanks so much for sharing.


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