Friday, June 27, 2014

Christmas in June/July Trivia Give-A-Way Question #3

I was told by several people I'm making my questions too easy soooo...

Today's question actually has a few parts to it...
You have to answer all parts in order to be entered to win.
It comes from the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer show
(this is one of my favorite holiday specials!!)

Who is the ruler of the Island of Misfit Toys?

What is his name and why does he live on the island?


There is a Clown toy that opens up to reveal smaller versions - 
when it's all the way opened up, what pops out?

You'll have until 7-1 to post your correct answer.
Good Luck!


  1. I've got 2 of the 3 but I'll have to go watch the movie and come back later!

  2. The lion is King Moonracer and he is on the island to find homes for all the misfit toys. The last clown doll to open is a wind-up mouse. Love this movie!

  3. A winged lion named King Moonracer is the ruler of the Island. He brings all the unwanted toys to the island to keep them until he can find a child wants them. A tiny wind up mouse is the last in the clown nesting doll.

  4. Ms Linda ( 28, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    Boy I had forgotten this story and found it entertaining.
    The answers are 1. Ruler---King Moonracer
    2. Last toy--a tiny wind up mouse.
    Toys of the Island of Misfit.

  5. One of my favorites growing up...and I still like it!
    1 Ruler is King Moonracer
    2 King Moonracer lives there and gives a home to the unwanted Misfit toys till he can find a home for them.
    3 A toy wind up mouse.

    Happy Sunday!

  6. I like this movie but I have to say my S-I-L is a real fan of all the movies like this one.
    King Moonracer is ruler on Misfit island.
    He lives on the island to find homes for the misfit toys.
    A wind up mouse pops up.
    stamping sue

  7. King Moonracer is the ruler. He lives on the island to take care of the toys and to give them a place to live until he can find homes for them. I had to giggle the first time I saw the clown toy as I was not expecting a windup mouse to to pop out..

  8. This is fun! King Moonracer is the ruler of the Island of Misfit Toys.
    He is taking care of the toys until he can find homes for them.
    A mouse pops out! wonderful!

  9. King Moonracer is the ruler, and he takes care of all the toys til he finds homes for them. A windup mouse is inside the clown toy.

  10. Okay, I'm back! I had to watch it again - my memory just isn't that good! The ruler of the Island of Misfit Toys is a winged lion. His name is King Moonracer and every night he searches the world for misfit toys that no child loves and brings them to the island to live until someone wants them. The clown toy opens up to reveal a wind-up mouse. Thank you!


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