Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canvas Hangers ?

Hi All...

I have a question to start your Wednesday...

What type of hanger do you use on canvas art boards (if you make them that is)?  

I've been having a hard time deciding what type of hanger I actually want to use.  I've tried a few different things - right now my favorite is the canvas sticky back pieces that have an eyelet in them for hanging.  They look nice and are easy to attach.  Problem is they are getting hard to find.  

I used my last one and it's time to really figure out how I want to hang these things because I finished another and need something to hang it with.  I have in the past used pop can tabs but I don't really like the look...and the glob of hot glue (that I used to stick it on the canvas) stuck out a bit making it not hang properly on the wall.  

Can't wait to hear what you use and how you like it!


  1. Couldn't you make those Roni with Sticky back, eyelets and a cropodile? Sounds easy and pretty much I would think you would have all you need to make them.
    You could even go with fabric and double sided tape and eyelets. Just a thought.

  2. I'm usually hanging regular canvas (the boxy type) But if you are using the flat ones, how about if you just used something dimensional in the back to hold the bottom out evenly with the top? It would be slightly away from the wall but would still look flat and even? Hmmmm, great question!

  3. There's a new hanger out made by same company that makes the ones with various size hooks that has an easy remove when it's needed.......anyway this one has velcro like hooks on it. They're about 1/2 inch wide and in various put the two sides together and then stick as many as needed, usually each corner....then you stick it to the wall, pressing in place for 30 seconds. I love them and have used them to hang a collage that I backed with some nice foam board. I purchased mine at that great Hobby Lobby store. I doing a collage now of Keys on a framed canvas board and am trying to hand the old way or use these on it too.

  4. sorry about the above typos hope you can read around & through them :)

  5. hope you can read around and through the typos....sorry


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