Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beach Rules ATC's & Altoids Tin

As you know this month the Altered Pages Design Team is fortunate enough to be co-hosting a month full of fun with IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko combining the wonderful products of both companies into our creations.

For my final project of the month I wanted to share
 a fun box full of ATC's which are in fact: 


To help hide the writing, I inked the tin with Mellow Mint Opaque StazOn ink to which I applied a layer of GlazOn. I then added Blue Hawaii, Midnight Blue and Spiced Chai StazOn Midi's to make the sand, surf and sky.

I mixed some brown micro beads with a bit of Vintage Creative Medium to add a texture element to imitate sand.  (I also used this mixture on one of the ATC's.).   The two photos show what it looked like before and after mixing.  I just smeared it on the tin (and ATC) with the craft knife and left it to dry.

Before I smeared on the micro bead sand though I added the fun group of friends at the beach image (which is from the collage sheet On The Beach) .  I thought they looked great rushing out of the water onto the sandy beach.   

I added a bit of wadded glassine envelope to imitate the waves rolling in, a tiny starfish and the sentiment all using Vintage Creative Medium which adds a nice sepia tint. 

When you flip the lid open you'll find the...Beach Rules ATC's!  Inside the cover of the tin is an image of a wooden arrow pointing the way to the swimming hole.  But this is also Beach Rule 

#1 - Swim Often!

The is the "Beach Rule" ATC - sort of the cover to the book type of thing to tell you what's to come.

Beach Rules....

#2:  Bare Feet are Mandatory

Image - The Water's Fine; Cork; StazOn Midnight Blue, Spiced Chai.

#3: Breath the Salty Air

Tilted Vertigo Film inked with StazOn ink on the back.  
Image and sentiment adhered using Clear Creative Medium.

#4:  Collect Seashells

Shells colored using Memento Dual Tip Markers, 
Sponged LUXE Inks & StazOn Spiced Chai along the edges.

#5 You're Never Too Old to Frolic

Background created using a Monoprint Technique & LUXE Ink.

#6: Soak up the Sun

StazOn Midi's & GlazOn on Sheet Metal ATC, 
Image & Sentiment adhered with Clear Creative Medium

#7: Ride the Waves

Rattlesnake Vertigo Film - Image applied to the back using Clear Creative Medium 
then inked using StazOn Blue Hawaii Midi & Midnight Blue.  
Sentiment glued to front of ATC.

#8: Build Sandcastles

Game Board ATC blank inked with Memento LUXE inks. 
The "sand" was created by mixing Vintage Creative Medium with brown micro beads.

#9: Enjoy the Breeze

This ATC was created on a large piece of mica - the image and sentiment were both adhered to the back of the ATC using Clear Creative Medium then inked & stamped with StazOn Midi's ink.

#10: Use the Buddy System

Creative Medium image transfer onto paper.  The image was then mounted to a piece of canvas which was colored using Memento LUXE ink.   Below is a close up of the Image Transfer - this was made using an ink jet print. It is recommended that you use a toner based image but personally I like the distressed look of the ink jet image better.

#11: Listen to the Waves Roll In

This is a double image transfer using Creative Medium onto a piece of Taffeta Vertigo Film (on the back).  The image of the girl on the dock was the first transfer then I transferred inked washi tape for the second image transfer.  I rubbed a bit of the second transfer off of the girl image so it didn't detract from that image too much.  

and finally Beach Rule
#12 Enjoy the Wild Life!

This image was adhered to a piece of handmade white paper using Vintage Creative Medium.  The paper it's self had been coated with a layer of the Vintage CM prior to the image being glued down for a bit of color.

And here they are all together....

I hope you've enjoyed this tin full of 
Beach Rules!

Special thanks to IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko for supplying us with so many of their wonderful products used in this months creations!

IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko products used: Opaque StazOn - Mellow Mint; StazOn Midi's - Midnight Blue, Blue Hawaii, Spiced Chai; Cloudy Sky; Creative Medium - Clear & Vintage; Memento LUXE Ink - Nautical Blue, Danube Blue, Peanut Brittle, Pistachio, Rich Cocoa; Memento Dual Tip Markers - Peanut Brittle, Desert Sand, Pistachio; GlazOn - Vintage; Vertigo Film - Rattlesnake, Tilted, Taffeta; Sheet Metal ATC Blank; Radiant Neon Inks

Other Supplies: Brown & Blue Micro Beads; Computer Generated Sentiments; Star Fish; Game Board ATC Blank;  hand made paper


  1. You continually amaze me with all the things you do. I'm glad you showed mixing the micro beads into the Creative Medium before applying with your craft knife. That is a great idea. I am learning so much of how to do things from you so thanks for sharing your expertise.

    I love how you did the rules. Your images perfectly fit each rule. Thanks for giving me a little bit of the beach today through your project. That is the one place I really do miss now but there is always a trade off in life. Off to craft with a smile on my face. :-)

  2. I agree with everything above! This project is wonderful, so much fun to look at each beautiful card, and I love the box too!

  3. This is such an amazing and fun project! I really love how creative and sassy it is!

  4. So clever, I will steal your idea for a friend who has a beach house! They will have fun
    after seeing something likes this! Thank you Roni!

  5. A fun way to use the tin, and I like the images!

  6. Hi Roni, love them but which font did you use for the little sayings? It is great....

    1. It is Penshurst - I got it at I loved it too :)


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