Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 Peas in a Bucket - Closing!!

I don't know if you've heard but
is closing!!!

It's really sad that so many of the long standing web-sites are disappearing.  First all of the stores in our area closed down and when I say our "area" I'm talking about a 2 hour drive one way.  So while it's not fun to see it in person first I shop for virtually everything on-line.  It's the only option for me being in a rural area with no dedicated stamp or scrap stores around.  I miss not being able to touch it or see it up close but hey you do what you gotta do.  Recently there have been several really big ~ and I would have thought successful web-stores closings, it's just really scary!  Hopefully we can support the stores that are left so they don't disappear as well.


  1. wow....what a bummer to see this store go. I've been shopping with 2 Peas on & off for the past 7 to 8 years. Sometimes store owners move on and, other times, their fan base moves on. I think with how this industry has exploded over the past (recent) years, it has left a few of these long-time stores up a creek and not able (or unwilling) to compete with new stores entering the market. Some of these long-time stores don't know how to compete---they were the originals and don't know how to handle competition. I'll be honest and say I hold no loyalty to any one company when it comes to shopping for craft items online. If the majority of the inventory is regular price or the shipping fees are outrageous for the weight and size of the package, or if I pay top dollar for shipping and it takes forever to arrive, forget it. I'm done. After being in the retail industry for over 35 years---including assisting an organization getting an online service up & running, there are some red flag indicators that I can see a mile away when a company is not going to make it. The most recent example is Archiver's. My mother and I occasionally shopped in the local store. About a year & half ago I told her the chain was not going to make it. Their merchandise turnover (or lack of), the pricing, and the competition were too much for them. But, that is not what did Archiver's in. It was the unwillingness of their corporate office to change with the times. Where they may have once been leaders in the industry, the industry changed and Archiver's did not. The writing was on the wall when they raised prices to start offering coupons and investing thousands of dollars in some type of computer systems in their stores for doing with photos what you can do on an iPad (or any computer in your home). It's not 1990 anymore. I don't know who they thought they were kidding or who they were taking bad advice from. Customers are smarter than that and they will find somewhere else to shop.

  2. It is sad that this store is closing, I am like you I have to internet shop because I also live in a rural area and many kilometres from a proper store. It is sad that this store has been around for years and is now closing - vale.


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