Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ranger Melt Art News!

I don't know if you're into Melt Art or not but I wanted to pass on a bit of news...

Due to a drop in demand and high minimum order qty they are going to discontinue selling the following:

Melt Art® and Accessories

The Melting Pot™ US/Canada version


The Melting Pot™ European version


Melt Art®Project Craft Sheet

Heat It Dye Inks/ Brilliant Gems (Sapphire, Garnet, & Citrine)

Heat It Dye Inks/ Organic Gems (Coral, Turquoise, & Jade)

Heat It Dye Inks/ Luxurious Gems (Emerald, Amethyst, & Pink Tourmeline)

Heat It Dye Inks/ Majestic Gems (Onyx, Tiger Eye, and Amber)

Melt Art Natural BeesWax

Melt Art Clear BeesWax

Melt Art Texture Treads

Melt Art® Texture Treads Mod Circles

Melt Art® Texture Treads Wood Grain

Melt Art® Texture Treads Floral Flourish

Melt Art® Texture Treads Scalloped Lace
Melt Art® Texture Treads Mod Swirls

Melt Art® Texture Treads Leafy Branches

Melt Art® Texture Treads Retro Holly
Melt Art® Texture Treads Snow Flurries

Melt Art® Texture Treads Scattered Leaves

Melt Art® Texture Treads Fancy Feathers

Melt Art® Texture Treads Graphic Gears

Melt Art® Texture Treads Winged Mosaic

So, if you want it now is the time to purchase it because once it's gone that's it!

Also, Ranger will continue to sell the UTEE and Mold & Pour.


  1. I have seen the discussion on twitter, but not seen it on Rangers site. I have one and love it, though don't use it a lot cos the product is expensive. Thanks for posting this as it is clear to understand.

  2. I had no Idea. thank you for sharing. I have one and don't use it much, as I have to clean my table before using it :-) But I'm glad i have one.

  3. That's a bummer! Glad I have one and I'll have to stock up with another bottle of wax if I see it.

  4. I melt my UTEE in a pyrex measuring cup in my oven. The measuring cup is craft designated. Thanks though for bringing this to my attention. I guess I better hurry up and buy the beeswax.

  5. What did Ranger think was going to happen when they reduced the 4oz jars to 3oz and raised the prices? Sheesh. Ranger has to be the greediest craft supply manufacturer on the planet.

    Luckily I was a big fan of Suze Weinberg when her name was on the Melt Art line so I have tons of the stuff including 3 Melting Pots, 2 of which are unopened(!) a ton of all of the colors and a dozen or so bottles of F-L-E-X, Suze warned me about F-L-E-X getting cut, shortly after she retired, and she was 100% correct months after she retired so was F-L-E-X.

    Oh well. I guess that I may be one of the only people that stock up on all things crafty that I like and that will not expire. I keep an extra room in the basement of our main residence just for overstocking of craft supplies.

    No more Ranger products for me. And I am glad for it.


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