Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Poll - Soldered Charms Anyone???

I'm sure if you've visited for very long you might notice that I dabble in many different mediums.  Well, one of my loves that I pull out every so often is soldered charms.  Now not too long ago I saw a photo of a charm that was made out of a broken piece of blue bottle glass.  It was so pretty so I went in search of.  I couldn't really find anything on the glass charm ~ nor could I find the photo again (of course!) but I did find a lady who makes charms out of broken vintage plates ~ Dishfunctional Designs.  Way cool stuff!

So I decided to buy a few old dishes and give it a shot.  Mine aren't nearly as perfect as hers are but they are pretty good for my first couple tries.  I've got the soldering bug again and have been soldering up a storm which is why I posted the poll (on the blog - for those of you reading this by e-mail).

If you'd like to see a few posts on soldered charms, please vote in the poll on the right.  (If you're reading by e-mail you'll have to visit the blog to vote).

It's o.k. if you're not interested, I can keep on soldering and just keep it to myself :)
Either way works for me but I thought I'd ask since I've never shared anything about it here on the blog before.


  1. Hello Roni,
    Yes I am interested.

  2. That would be awesome. I've never tried soldering but love the look.

  3. I took a soldering class several years ago, made a few things and haven't picked it up since. I really need to and it has been on my list of things I really need to do.

  4. Hi Roni, I enjoyed looking at Dishfunctional Designs, so pretty! I know anything you create will be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  5. O.K I voted. It sounds interesting to me. I knew there was some reason I did not get rid of my soldering iron left over from my days of making glass sun catchers and other small glass pieces.


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