Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gelli Plate - Grunge Layers

There are so many different techniques and videos out there to use the Gelli Plate...I started to look at them but then gave up.  I think I'm a bit odd because for me I like more free form art instead of the pattern intense prints I see so much of.   For me it's more about the colors and textures and how they interact which is why I'm going to share my favorite technique...

Grunge Layers

For this technique you're going to be creating multiple layers of paint/images to get to the really good stuff ~ the Grunge Layers.

So, I start off by rolling on a layer of paint - placing stencils over the paint and making a print - this pulls off the first layer.    Remove the stencils and you can see you have a nice set of patterns down.  Let them dry completely before moving on.  This usually doesn't take very long because you've pulled up much of the paint with the initial printing.

Now roll on the next layer of paint....in this case green.

Pull a print.  See how the dried paint comes up!  Awesome huh?

Your plate will now have a light blue and green layer.  Your roller should still be wet...roll on any paint left on the roller over the plate.  If your brayer has already dried, add a bit of paint off to the side (I usually put a drop or two on a piece of fun foam) and load your brayer with just a bit more paint.  You want this to be a really thin layer of paint.

Since the layer of paint is so thin it will start drying quickly...use some foam stamps to pick up some of the paint in any pattern you desire.  For this example I used dots.  Let the paint dry completely.

O.k.... now add another layer over your dried layers (remember you now have 3 layers of dried paint down).  I am using a purple....

Now pull a print....THIS is a Grunge Layer.  See how the print picked up the light blue, green & darker shade of blue all hidden under the purple!  I LOVE this print....

Quick Grunge Layers Variation

I have a quick variation of the Grunge Layer technique which is great if you don't want to add all the layers one by one.  Start off by adding 2 or more colors of paint to your plate.  Roll them out but be careful not to over blend them as your paint will turn to mud.

Here is how mine looked after I got them all rolled out....  Sort of an abstract art look huh?

Make a print to pull up some of the paint...

You'll be left with a very thin layer of paint.  Go ahead and use some foam stamps to add your design and pick up more paint from the plate.  

Now make a print....  Grunge Layer!!!   This so much reminds me of a Basic Grey paper from one of their earlier lines.  I simply love it!

Now you'll still have a bit of paint on the plate that is dry, cover it with another layer of paint...

And pull a print ~ this will pull up the remaining Grungy Layer of paint.

There you go!
My very favorite way to use the Gelli Plate....
Grunge Layers!!!!

I hope you give it a try sometime and get in touch with your grungy side!

Sort of off topic, I have to say that playing with the Gelli Plate is very fun for me...I love to get messy...usually with ink but playing in the paint is just as much fun ~ I usually end up covered in paint and I simply love it!  Almost as much as being covered in ink ;)

Have a grungy day everyone!!


  1. Very cool! Can't wait to give it a try!

  2. I remembered you had posted this technique so had to come back and revisit the post. Just got my round plate in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to try this technique as well as see what differences there might be between the plate and an actual gelatin one.

    Thanks for sharing this! Have a great weekend! I'm off to play!


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