Friday, May 16, 2014

Dina Wakley Paints & Gelli Plate

Several people were asking how the DW paints preformed when used on the Gelli Plate...just so happens that was one of my own questions too.   I have been playing around with it and can share the results with you right now.

Today I'm actually going to be using my round gelli plate just to switch things up a bit.

I don't know if you can see it or not but the paints tend to bead up a bit if left to set for very long...

LOVE how the colors blended...thought this stencil would be perfect paired with em.

The first print over the stencil is so the color variations.  You can see some of the brayer marks.  I'm assuming because the paints hold their shape and don't spread or smoosh around like other acrylics.  

TIP: I like to set my wet stencils on tags to use up the excess paint.

This is a good example of what prints look like when you lift part of the paint off with a stencil or mask.... Can you see all of the interesting texture you get?  I got that same texture repeatedly with several different colors and tools.

Both prints side by side (you can click to enlarge it...).

Another example....

I noticed that when you roll the paints on the gelli plate the paints seem to layer on top of themselves instead of blending unless you really work it.  

 You can get some really interesting prints....

Another example of how the paints show the brayer/roller patterns.  Really unexpected and pretty cool...

More of how the paint looks on the plate...

The bubbles, veining and texture seems to be the norm as I continued to get this with several of my prints.

I'll be back with examples of more of the prints...
I didn't want to add too many photos in one post.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!