Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dina Wakley Paints - Experimental Tag

I'm so excited...I got to play with the new Dina Wakley paints!  When I saw the video of her demoing them at Winter CHA 2014 she made me excited about them...and I loved how she uses her hands - that is so me!

So I just started experimenting with it to see what it would do.  I love that no matter how much water you add the colors stay true.  Below I sprayed the lower portion of the tag with water.  I applied the Sky paint to the top portion and then I would drag the paint from the top to the bottom allowing the paint to mix with the water on the way down.  I love the effect.

I added  Lapis the the upper left hand corner and also painted some foam stamps with the same color and stamped those in the lower right.

I wanted to see how it mixed with water and a sea sponge...  I used Tangerine, Lemon and Magenta.  I didn't like how that looked so much but I kept going.

I stamped some leafy ferns on using Lime.  I had some extra Lime paint so I just smeared it around here and there.  (it's so much fun getting painty - almost as much fun as it is to get inky - lol!!)

I used Turquoise to stamp some circles....  I love that you can use thinner layers of paint and it's got a transparent quality so you can see the layers underneath.

I added some black and white pen work then stamped the sentiment in the larger bubble.  And there you go!

I want to play some more with it to see how it works with the gel medium and gessos but I'm thinkin' I'm really going to have fun with these paints.  Tomorrow I'll be back with some color swatches and if I have time I'll even try the gel tomorrow too!  If not be sure to stop back on won't want to miss it!


  1. Now you have gone and done it! ;-) One more thing to add to my wishlist or to place in my cart at Amazon. Plus looking on Amazon I've discovered all kinds of Dina Wakely products like neat stamps,stencils, black gesso, etc. I had never heard of Dina Wakely but now my material girl has woken up. LOL!

    I love what you did with the paints. As well as the transparency of the paint. Now to figure out what colors to buy. Lol! I must have a true artist's heart as I would rather eat beans and spend my food money on craft supplies.

    Thanks for sharing a new product and your experiments with it.

  2. Shipping on Amazon costs more than the paints. :-( My closest stores don't carry them yet and so far Ranger doesn't have them listed on their retail site to purchase. :-( Looks like I'm going to have to wait before I get painty with these.

    1. Bummer...I hate it when they do that. There have been several things I wanted to purchase but the shipping is just a killer. Anymore unless it's the 35.00/free shipping I don't buy it. I can always find 35.00 in goodies to buy ;) LOL!!

  3. Hello Roni,
    The Tag is great, I use the old fingers too.

  4. Wow--that tag turned out great!


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