Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dina Wakley Paint Color Swatch

I wanted to share what these paints looked like on a variety of surfaces so I made my own color swatch chart...

The paint swatches were painted onto the following surfaces from left to right:

Georgia Pacific 110lb cardstock
Gesso covered GP 110lb cardstock
Manila Tag 
Kraft Cardstock
Black Cardstock

It's fun to see how the surface you paint changes the look of the paint ~ check it out....

Colors: Ruby, Magenta & Tangerine

Colors: Lemon, Lime & Turquoise

Colors: Sky, Lapis & Night (a really dark navy)

Colors: Blackberry Violet & Umber

NOTE: There is also a white paint which I didn't get...I chose to get the white gesso instead.

Also, I did notice that some of the paints seemed to cover the un-gessoed swatches better than the one that had been covered with gesso.  

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