Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Circle Gelli Plate Monoprint Cards

Last week I was sharing monoprinting with the Circle Gelli Plate paired with the new Dina Wakley acrylic paints.  Many people were intrigued but wondered what you would use round monoprints for and how would you incorporate them into projects.  Today I have a few cards to share made using those prints!


The first card was made by cutting off all of the curved sides of the circle...this isn't the entire piece left but enough of it to show you that you can trim it up and use it on your projects just like the square or rectangle monoprints.  Don't throw those trimmings away...you'll see why in a moment!

This card fully embraces the round shape of the circle monoprints.  Simply trim off the excess paper and you've got the start of a great card!

I think this is my favorite card today....remember I told you not to throw the curved edges of your trimmed print away.  Well here's why!!!  This card takes those cast offs and turns them into a really fun card!  Feathers or leaves, no matter what you see they are very colorful and add such a fun twist to a project.

I hope these cards give you a few ideas for using up all those monoprints you have accumulated!


  1. I adore your cards using all bits of a circle. The leaves/feathers might just be my favorite with the mix of lots of Gelli prints. Creative Card Bliss Dear...
    P.S. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I have missed you.

  2. Thank you for the great ideas, love the curved pieces!

  3. Oh yeah, baby! That last card is super awesome! And organizing your pencils by color family is not OCD--it just makes good artistic sense!

  4. Wow! These are beautiful! I don't have the circle plate, but I may just have to cut a circle from my prints & do it!

  5. Good thing I had not checked out yet with my order as I went and deleted the square plate I had in my cart and added the round one. For a few dollars more I think I'll be happier with a round one. Thanks for sharing how prints from a round gelli plate can be used on cards.

    I especially love that last card. It really is a happy card. :-)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!