Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ho Ho Ho.... Cracked (UTEE) Santa

Santa's almost here!
Well, actually he IS here....
I wanted to share this fun UTEE - Cracked Glass Santa card I made.
The background on the left is a tree stamped with Pine Needle Distress Stain and the right side was made using a combination of Barn Door & Peeled Paint Distress Stains.
Santa was colored with various Distress Markers then covered in multiple layers of UTEE, allowed to cool then cracked.

A closer look at Santa.  Someone once asked me how my cracks don't end up on the face.  I start off by cracking the edges first.  If you start off by cracking in the center that's where the cracks will show up the most, usually obliterating the face.  Start off with smaller cracks along the edge and sort of bend the image where you want your cracks to go.  After two or three attempts you'll get the hang of controlling (as best as possible) your cracking.

Hope you're all enjoying the season!
We have our first two Christmases this coming weekend!
Of course I'm not ready but hopefully by the time it rolls around I will be :)

How are you coming with YOUR preperations?


  1. Thanks for the cracking tips!! Love the card!!

  2. Lovely card and thanks for the tips!! Merry Christmas I'm nowhere near ready!

  3. I always loving card as like others whatever your cracking tips are much artistic and generous as like you!

  4. Great card, great cracking! I like the way cracked Utee looks like mica. If I can master your technique, I can save $$$! Thanks for your expertise.


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