Monday, July 1, 2013

Steampunk Spells This Way & That Album - Finished!!

Here is the finished album I made by pairing
with the
Front Cover...
T n T SS Album 016
Cover opened -
T n T SS Album 018
Under the "Greetings" card....  Some of the scrolls cut from pattern paper the bottom scroll stamped & inked.
T n T SS Album 019
Second flap (with the Greetings card) opened...
T n T SS Album 020
T n T SS Album 021
T n T SS Album 023 T n T SS Album 022
Spells page opened (to the left)
T n T SS Album 024
Lots of stamped labels & die-cut gears....
T n T SS Album 025
Second inside flap opened to reveal the Potions & Charms section.
The two flaps with the bottles on each sides also flip open.
T n T SS Album 027
This is what you find under the Potions & Charms sign when both of those flaps are opened.
Here are the sewn pockets which house 6 "spells....
T n T SS Album 030
Close up of the first center flip page (it flips down).
T n T SS Album 031
This is the second inside flap which flips up.
T n T SS Album 032
On the back of the first flip down page....
T n T SS Album 034
On the back of the flip up page...
T n T SS Album 035
Inner most page of the album...wishing you a Happy Halloween!
T n T SS Album 036
but wait, that card also flips up for more areas to add pics to!
T n T SS Album 037
What do you think?
I'm not sure what I am going to do with it...
on one hand I am really in love with it but on another
I'm tempted to sell it because I think it would make a really cool Halloween album for someone.
Do you think anyone would buy it?


  1. I just love what you have done with this line. I can't wait to get it!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this album. I would buy this in a nano-second. Halloween is my passion. Please consider me.

  3. I love books with all kinds of flaps, pockets, and secret places! They are so fun to browse through and discover.

    Crafty Journal

  4. Of course someone would buy it Roni. It's gorgeous.

  5. Way cool album! And yes, they'll be queuing up to buy it!

  6. OMG, Your album has blown me away, just adorable and yes I would bid on/buy it in an instant.

  7. Roni, this steampunk has my name all over it. Steampunk is my fav and you have done awesome job making it. So why wait just pot in the mail tomorrow.... LOL

  8. It is beautiful hun and you can see how much love work went into creating this. I've decided not to leave a comment on the newer post. That's because if I won it I would take it out and stroke it and then put it away again and I think many peeps out there would use it which is what should be done with it. It's gorgeous and I love the papers so much! Awesome work, awesome artistry too Karen x


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