Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pattern Paper Anyone...

Are you a paper addict?
Well I must confess I am!

*** The paper has been spoken for...It's being donated to a children's art class :) ***
Thanks for all your interest!
I store my pattern paper in 2 roll around hanging file carts which reside under my desk.  For quite some time now when I have purchased new papers I just tucked it into a folder that had space.
Well, I was looking for a sheet of paper I knew I had but do you think I could find it? 

So, I started sorting and sorting and sorting!
I figured while I was at it I would purge paper that I didn't think I'd use (since much of it has been in there a while). 
I ended up with almost 10lbs of paper ~ a little over 2.5" tall stack that I would like to re-home.   I counted over 275 sheets plus there are a couple die-cut tags/letter sheets in there too.  This is a huge assortment and it includes light, medium and heavy weight papers in many themes and colors.  There are mostly single and double sheets with a few sheets that have 3 sheets of the same pattern (I don't think anymore than that).   
I normally give it to my mom but she's full up so I was hoping someone here might be interested. 
It's going to be 13.00 to ship it and I'd be willing to accept anything you'd like to offer for it.
If you'd like to purchase it e-mail me at ronijj @ g mail (dot) com.

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  1. Wow Roni, I would love to offer you something for this but I bet it's a lot more than $13 to post to Norway!! LOL. Someone is in for a fun bargain here. Hope you get some good bids.


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