Thursday, July 11, 2013

Inky Framed Card Technique

Yesterday I saw this card on the Hero Arts blog and I just had to give it a try... only problem is, I don't have the nifty Brushed Frame stamp that was used to create the card!


So I decided to treat this as a personal challenge to myself to come up with something that would work just as well.

The first thing I did was to draw a 4"x6" on a sheet of white cardstock.

Alternative Inky Frame 001

I then cut that rectangle from the cardstock so I have a frame and a center piece.

Alternative Inky Frame 002

Alternative Inky Frame 003

I tore all four edges of the rectangle that I cut from the cardstock. 

Alternative Inky Frame 004

You can test fit it to see what your inky frame will look like....

Alternative Inky Frame 005

I decided to take a bit more paper off here and there for a nicer look.

Alternative Inky Frame 006

Now, use painters tape; tissue tape or washi tape to secure your frame to your piece of cardstock that you want to ink. I used a minty green cardstock to make it easier to see in the photos.  This is going to change my ink colors a bit - if you used white cardstock the inks would be more vibrant.

You also need to use a bit of removable adhesive to secure the torn rectangle inside the frame on the colored cardstock.

Alternative Inky Frame 007

It's time to add the ink.  I am using Distress Stain which I have applied directly to my ink blending tool foam.

Alternative Inky Frame 009

Alternative Inky Frame 010

Next dab the inks around the frame in any fashion you would like.  I'm just dabbing the colors here and there in no particular pattern.  Instead of the IBT you could also use a stipple brush, make-up foam or cotton ball in a pinch.

Alternative Inky Frame 011

Alternative Inky Frame 012

When you've added inks all around the frame you're ready to remove the center piece and frame piece.....

Alternative Inky Frame 013

And here's how it turned out! 
Pretty good for a first try. 
I'm thinkin' to get the blended/splotchy look of the original that a Stipple Brush might be a better choice to apply the inks.  You could control the saturation and blend the inks a bit better.
!! Just a note !!  
You could use this frame and center several times as long as you let the inks dry before you go inkin' up the next frame.

Alternative Inky Frame 014

You can now cut out the inky frame and use it as desired!

Alternative Inky Frame 015

I paired my frame with a Queen Ann's Lace stamp from Inkadinkado
with a sentiment stamp & cardstock from Club Scrap.

Alternative Inky Frame 016
Just think of all the fun combinations you could use to create loads of fun cards.
You don't have to limit yourself to rectangles either....
Think - circles, squares, ovals, hearts, stars, flowers, etc.
This is a great way to use some of your dies that may have been collecting dust or maybe you could use your electronic die cut machine to cut some fun shapes!
The possibilities for this particular technique are really endless.
So off with you now and get inky!


  1. Wow ! This technique is very clever, Roni. Well done, and thanks for sharing it so generously :)

  2. Roni, the second you started ripping paper, you had my full attention! It takes me back to my childhood days when it seemed that I was always a bit too lazy to get up and find a scissor if I was in the middle of making my next creation.
    Thank you for always finding a way to make a technique work for us to try.
    I love, love, love this card and you!
    Kathy Jones

  3. Smart girl!! Thank you


  4. Loved this. I like the whole idea of challenging ourselves this way when we don't have something we need (think we need!)

  5. What a very cool technique! I was amazed when you lifted the masking. Very pretty.

  6. Fantastic frame. Love the finished card

  7. It's very cool technique!!! Fantastic result.


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