Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frozen Charlotte Watchmaker Vial Charm

I'm so excited...this is one of those things on my "I have to make this" list.  I saw something similar quite a long time ago but only that one was just parts ~ a leg, an arm, part of a torso...  a bit too gruesome for me unless it's Halloween. 

Anyway, I started off by taking one of the tiny Frozen Charlottes and I painted her with gesso then inked her up a bit with some Distress Stain.  After she had dried I covered her with a layer of Crystal Lacquer.

The center doll was painted with gesso then completely covered with Distress Stain.  After that had dried I rubbed on more gesso here and there and finally covered it with Crystal Lacquer. 

The third doll is just the paper clay casting to be used for comparison.

Once she had completely dried I added a small amount of German Glass Glitter to the bottom of the vial, popped in my little doll and glued the cork to the vial.  I then screwed in an eye screw finding and tied a little pink bow to the finding.  That was the hardest part - LOL!!

I thought these would make awesome charms for a Steampunk or Vintage Girly-Girl necklace.

What do you think?
Amazing how the paper clay looks like cast porcelain after it has been covered with the Crystal Lacquer huh?


  1. Roni -

    This really turned out beautifully! And you are right, it does look like porcelain, it looks like a real Frozen Charlotte doll! AMAZING!

    And I've been eyeing those molds for months. You've convinced me to order one.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Love that finish you got with the crystal lacquer. Very realistic

  3. Great! I still can't believe that these are paper! Added benefit that they are much more lightweight!

  4. Love this!! The doll looks like a "real" one :)

  5. Really cute! I love it. :)


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